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I was talking with xTSGx, and we came to the conclusion that there are a lot of stories where Twilight turns evil. Enough, we agreed, to start a group. So I did. Enjoy. I have not read all of them yet myself, and there's some that I don't think xTSGx has read either, so tell me what you think of them if you do. If you know of a story that has Twilight as the villain, Twilight going mad, or even Twilight being treated as evil, comment, and I'll check it out.


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This is my story, it a first time i write it, if u want u can read https://www.fimfiction.net/story/465249/twilight-sparkle-lord-of-death

nvm didn’t realize it was already there.:twilightsheepish:

The Monster We Made Twilight pretty much goes mad with power and kills Celestia, Cadence, and all of her friends. Can’t get much more evil than that. :twilightangry2:

A new story I just finished writing the first chapter on

After Twilight comes Midnight

(An AU on what there is to come in the season 7 finale)

I have a story of my own called "Assassinverse: Vengeance of the Star", I would love it if you checked it out and gave your honest opinion on it.

My own fic 'A Dark Twilight'

Small summery, Ever since the Crystal Empire, Twilights been acting strange, and she can't figure out why...

Hope you like it

U-D123 :yay:

Would it count as evil if Twilight gets her friends killed. And than she does it again, and again... :pinkiecrazy:
Princess of Friendship

Hi there. I would like to add my story Dark Magic(I'll post the link below) to this group. ^.^ Its incomplete right now, but shall be concluded soon.

Envy: We're making a story. It's called "Twilight's Vision" but it's Incomplete but so far we're in chapter 2 should i post it?

Hey guys, I posted a group thread on this group, why hasn't replied? :rainbowhuh:

335306 Yah, I forgot to mention that I read it after all. It's a pretty fun read. I enjoyed it, dark as it is.:twilightsmile:

Well I finally read it:twilightblush:, I believe it was a super great story even if it was kinda sad and it had a dark twi in there too. :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

I haven't read this story yet but it looks promising.:derpyderp2: I think you should add it here.:pinkiehappy:

322060 Oddly enough, a few days ago I stumbled upon you're story, and its in my list of fics to read.:twilightsmile:

If it's all right, I'd like my story to be added to the group, as it features Twilight being corrupted by Sombra's methods: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/120701/sombras-crucible-twilights-corruption

Apparently Twilight is a huge villain in my story. Every seems to hate her by the time they get to the last chapter. I thought I was just making her a cunning master planner. But apparently the only way to be a genius is to be an evil genius. Check out my story The Koprulu Sector.

If you want a story added, comment. As I mentioned above, I have not read most of these, so unless I have read a story, or I get a message from someone that has read the story, and I don't think the story fits the group, it will be added.

314367>>312238 Thank you for your contributions. I will add them when I get the chance.:twilightsmile:

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