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Pinkie Pie · 3:23am Sep 23rd, 2013

When I first introduced Pinkie Pie in that little segment of chapter 20, not much was revealed about her. All you really knew is she was apparently had a religious background, and she was a mercenary commander. The initial reaction seemed one of disappointed. Comments aside, I did get a few letters throwing suggestions immediately on what I should do with her. Mostly it was Dead Pool Pinkie Pie, or Cupcakes Pinkie Pie. Also had a couple of request for making her a thor pilot, though with no

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Comment posted by Zoomwar deleted Jan 19th, 2014

857764 867541 He died, his brother made a blog post and canceled the stories.

867541 Unless someone decides to finish it, but I doubt it would ever be anything like what he imagined. Such a shame, he had a lot going.

857764 It is most unfortunate, however, Unholy left a blog post (which has since been removed) regarding the reasons why he won't be writing anymore.

It is a shame that we'll never get to read the ending to his story.

Comment posted by Exidee deleted Dec 4th, 2013
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