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I just love good stories +(:twilightangry2: is the best)

Best Stories Ever ( with Twilight)

  • Hard Reset Twilight gives her life to stop a changeling invasion. Repeatedly. by Eakin 36,610 words · 73,302 views · 6,911 likes · 107 dislikes
  • Eternal Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle's bond is tested by miscommunication and guilt. by device heretic 159,827 words · 33,261 views · 2,827 likes · 66 dislikes
  • Sharing the Night Twilight becomes alicorn of the stars. This is sort of a problem, because Luna kind of already was alicorn of the stars. Oops! by Cast-Iron Caryatid 197,614 words · 40,391 views · 3,485 likes · 82 dislikes
  • Asylum When Twilight Sparkle went to bed, she had friends she loved and a life she enjoyed. But she awoke to hospital gowns and padded restraints. And the doctors, they keep telling her that she is sick and none of it was real. They’re lying, right? by Daemon of Decay 191,704 words · 58,644 views · 4,611 likes · 105 dislikes

More epic (Twilight) stories

  • Twilight, Revised Twilight Sparkle gets brainwashed. Mind controlled, sort-of Twilight x Celestia. Nightmare Moon too. by Vimbert the Unimpressive 33,727 words · 18,681 views · 836 likes · 69 dislikes
  • Equestria's Twilight This is the story of the end. This is the story of the death of Equestria. by Sapidus3 140,052 words · 15,229 views · 987 likes · 25 dislikes
  • Myths and Birthrights Twilight has to deal with new powers and troubles as an Alicorn. by Tundara 267,994 words · 15,573 views · 1,827 likes · 64 dislikes
  • Succession Twilight awakens in a world beset by eternal night, caused by the death of Princess Celestia and Luna and the destruction of the Canterlot palace. Can Twilight bring back the sun, save Equestria, and bring history's most vicious murderer to just by Helrael 190,046 words · 4,188 views · 360 likes · 22 dislikes

Stories (contain: Twilight Sparkle)

  • Second Princess of the Night With King Sombra gone, is Equestria truely safe from harm? Or will another foe as old as the Crystal Kingdom itself appear now that the dark unicorn's position of evil is vacant? What new danger will threaten the land and the Elements of Harmony? by Senyu 333,122 words · 12,238 views · 834 likes · 47 dislikes
  • The Code's Apprentice For a thousand years, the Code of Harmony has ruled Equestria, and the Code of Dissonance has sabotaged its works at every turn. Now the war for control over the land will come to a head, and one unicorn's decision may decide the fate of all. by Lapis-Lazuli and Stitch 149,573 words · 13,697 views · 973 likes · 42 dislikes
  • Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift Twilight Sparkle: librarian by day, monster hunter by night, and irredeemable cynic all throughout. Vampires? Simple. Zombies? Easy. Pretending not to see them every night? Now that is a challenge... by JawJoe 124,536 words · 12,319 views · 1,427 likes · 60 dislikes
  • The Celestia Code Princess Twilight Sparkle discovers a centuries-old mystery hidden in the Royal Archives. by iisaw 70,477 words · 21,763 views · 2,296 likes · 44 dislikes
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Thank you for faving "The Reality I Choose." I'm glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile:

^^ At this moment *other then catching up on thanking my watchers* i'm working on the next chapter to be posted. The story hasn't been updated in a year so I hope people will be pleased to see it updated.

*returns to work on Twilight Moon*

1868576 The pleasure is all mine :twilightsmile:

I know this is mega late ^^ But thank you so much for watching me, i'm glad you enjoy my stories and hope you continue to!-FE:heart:

Thanks for the fave on the Diamond Tiara story, glad you like it..

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