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A group for Changeling Twilight fics...

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I just made a story and I’m not sure if it would fit in with this collection it should be out within the next day or so after approval but is the story of twilight sparkle befriending the daughter of queen chrysalis I won’t say anymore due to spoilers.

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I was thinking of putting my fic here when I got a few chapters further, but I don't know if it counts, does it matter if Twilight is a hybrid between a pony and a Changeling?

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all hail queen twilight sparkle

321189 the only requirement to be added to this group is Twilight has to become a changeling at some point

Is this only for changeling Twilight Sparkle? Because i have a fic "A Changeling's Soul Reflection" and i was wondering if i could upload.

Cool! I saw this group and immediately joined! I'm going to be making a Twilangling story soon!:twilightsmile:

Hey, guys! Do you want to incorporate with X Becomes A Changeling?

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