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A group for Changeling Twilight fics...

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Comment posted by Reaper99 deleted Aug 28th, 2020

I was thinking of putting my fic here when I got a few chapters further, but I don't know if it counts, does it matter if Twilight is a hybrid between a pony and a Changeling?

Comment posted by Malkallan deleted Nov 5th, 2014

all hail queen twilight sparkle

321189 the only requirement to be added to this group is Twilight has to become a changeling at some point

Is this only for changeling Twilight Sparkle? Because i have a fic "A Changeling's Soul Reflection" and i was wondering if i could upload.

Cool! I saw this group and immediately joined! I'm going to be making a Twilangling story soon!:twilightsmile:

Hey, guys! Do you want to incorporate with X Becomes A Changeling?

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