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TwiSalis sounds like an STD.

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1 or 2 of these stories don't even have twilight or chrysalis in them...

Hello everypony. I just find a few very interesting pics on derpi, so for somepony they might be a big inspiration, so here they are: (Gonna use the spoiler tag because of the saucy nature some of them has.)
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Would be fantastic to see a story with one or all of them.

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With a few Crizzy's tails to boot, I guess I had to join.
I will take some time and gather what feels right to post here over time, there are a few to choose from after all.

Is there any particular Crizzy we are looking for here? if so, maybe I have one to spare.
Sorry, I have no idea as to just how many stories are including Crizzy and her changelings.

374505 Don't worry, we'll help out with grammar and stuff.:pinkiesmile:

374497 You mean Tainted Love? *O* :heart:

I'm just still trying to write properly in english (my first languaje is spanish).

As funny thing, I'm used to reading in English fics for a long time, but writing them is something new for me, also i alredy edited that proto-fic xD

372893 Nice. Come join us in the Prompt Collab group.:raritywink:

Well.. this my own prototype ChryLight (or TwiSalis, as i like to call it) Fic, i hope that you enjoy it:

"You know," -she threw the question to the air followed by a dry laugh, "I'm surprised you're the one who claims me for changed Twiligth, when all I did was to cut that almost sickening Oedipus complex than YOU ocasionaste to her"

She changed her countenance was one seriously until almost intimidating, but Celestia did not retreat.

"How that I rose" replied the princess Equestria "What kind of suggestion is that Chrysalis ?!" she hissed angrily.

"So you have not noticed? In truth you have not noticed, or you're just so stupid? Twilight was with you since she was a little filly right?"

"Yes to its very young age she already possessed a magic level much beyond even and odd, for her sake I took her as my student so that she improve her control over magic, but my teachings were focused on magic, etiquette, courtesy. I never instilled bad ideas or vulgarities like your implying! Good heavens, she IS a girl What ill thought goes through your head ?! "she shouted outraged by the semi-incestuous involvement.

"SHE WAS, that's the key word, because even if you do not want to admit it, she ceased to be a LITTLE GIRL long time ago and you know it. Yes thank to all you taught her everything she knows, at her young age she is more qualified than many current kings, but do you really thought that 'dizzying maturity' would have no consequences?" she asked hoping not to have to veery be explicit about it, but Celestia still did not understand, or at least 'not at all' what Salis said, which already fed up to the monarch of the changeling, and Salis was going to explode.

- "You really were so stupidly blind not to realize that she never had confidence? You ever notice that everything he did so far was just to 'be' perfect to YOUR eyes?"

She was making clear her point against Luna, Discord, Shining Armor, Cadence, friends Twilight Sparkle to the family was present. Even Trixie was in the actual room ..

They were about to meet the biggest secret of Ponyville librarian a not very subtle way.

But Chrysalis was just beginning, the worst was yet to come.

"Do not you ever stop to think that she may have needed more than your 'good seen'? the incident spell 'I want it, I need it' was proof of that. The worst is that you wait until the disaster is out of her hands to tell her something you should have said long ago. Something ironic is that even though you were never severe with her, was always nervous, and afraid to leave her side, always hesitating, fearing fail at anything and you desaprove her."' Chrysalis said while a mixture of sadness and rage was heard in his voice.

"I do not know if it was intentional or if in fact was by accident, but she started ocasionaste idolatarte, to venerate, and finally ... love you .. And no, not that kind of cheesy love and silly like Cadence and that cheesy guard ...
What Twilight is devotion in its purest form, but she is a female ... also has desires and needs. Something very funny is that you even destroyed any possibility of romance for her, Do you know why? For neither all males .. Neither all of FEMALES in Equestria could even get to your heels. You were literally .. her GODDESS, and she like all priestess, she offered herself to her goddess in body and soul.

I do not know why you're retaining that ridiculous title 'princess' when you possess virtually a governmental authority of a QUEEN. I am a queen and gonna do what you never dare to do ....... Give to Twilight Sparkle much more than a title of 'Faithful Student,'

Why to limit myself to be her teacher when I can make her my Princess?" -this last sentence clearly said in a suggestive tone.

- "If you touch one hair on her I'll kill you!" The Princess Luna's Sister shoted angry

- "Is that a fit of Jealousy 'Tia?, Or is just the fact that someone else will snatch Twilight from your sickly wings, that bothers you as if you were a girl doing tantrum over a rag doll? "
---------------------- 0 -------------- 0 ------------ --------- 0 --------------------- 0
- "None of what she said is true, right?" she questioned the self named 'Large and powerful' Trixie, hoping her 'Rival' was not in love with someone who was not herself.

- "I do not know all the details, but part of that is very true, Or I'm wrong sister?"

- "I would not be surprised if it were true, and do not blame her, daring to challenge NightMare Moon, to me, Chrysalis at the time and even that shoddy King Shadow not seen very often in many centuries .. But celestia is not storing such feelings in herself, she is ... She still expel locked right? Your nightmare ...
----------------------- 0 -------------- 0 ----------- ---------- --------------------- 0-0

- "Well, well .. After almost 3 millennia, you coming to see me 'Tia? What can you bring to the 'always good and perfect' Celestia to see her dark side? Doubt come to merge with or be free again, do you? "Said a woman from fiery hair and golden eyes like the sun shackled to a huge stone.

- "I have no intention of doing any of those 2 things and you know it"

"Sure, I do not blame Chrysalis for calling you coward, it's what you're Celestia, a cowardly and stupid princess who did not dare to face their fears and painful feelings. Your instead, you chose to get rid of them and thereby creating me.

Is your own same cowardice that is allowing Chrysalis to get away from us Twilight alienate us.

You really are a coward for not admitting that you have feelings and desires for her?
Are you so afraid to tell her how you feel about her?

The difference between us and Luna & NightMareMoon Moon is that at least she had the courage to accept having a nightmare. You think it's been eliminated but she only has been defeated.

You instead for by your selfishness you locked they in the moon for 1 millennium and me in this room of total darkness for nearly 3000 years, you do not know what it is just to see the little piece of land that my hair lighting allowed within this fourth, however, when i close my eyes i could see ALL that happened just outside this room to be your other half.

I saw how you fought Discord, I saw how you fought NightMareMoon, also saw all the growth of Sparkle since you took for student .. I saw how you were easily defeated by the Queen .. literally saw EVERYTHING and feel your fear of losing .. But listen But if I help will be ONLY and ONLY for Twilight .. will not go to Equestria, nor moon, nor by her friends ... And if you will not have the courage to fight for her never come to see me again"

Join us in the thread!:heart:

What's the prompt from Carapace? Or is that claimed?

Chrylight? Sounds like a new game of Crytek for me:pinkiecrazy:...

I suggest the Redemption and the retributuin of Chrysalis to add to this groups library^^

Chrylight is rare to find that doesnt include mind control and or rape.

I know, I wasn't trying to start an argument or anything. It is a great pairing. I can't argue with that.

333203 Just stating facts dude. And I still like the pairing.

The way you say it makes it sound horrible. I prefer to refer to it as... ...okay, she did do all that stuff, I can't deny that, but hey, they're perfect for each other.

Is it weird we all like to ship Twilight with the being that beat her teacher, brainwashed her bro, imprisoned her ex foal-sitter, and tried to take over her home country?

Same thing with Digimon. During Season one, the pairings were set in stone, and any author deviating from them was quickly flamed. Once Season 2 rolled around and randomly reassigned the official pairings, the Fandom threw up their collective arms, said **** it, and now EVERY ship is accepted, no matter how weird.

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