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Well, I really like the MLP ff's with yuri (human, anthro or ponies) Mostly TwiShippings (TwiLestia, TwiSalis, TwiXie and SunLight) I also like comics, anime and games crossovers


Help this noob writer · 5:09pm June 7th

After all these years (since I’m joined to here), i’m going to start writing my first fimfic (is a Sci-Twi x Sunset) but it’s also a crossover with Guilty Gear, and, well, english is not my mother language (it’s latin spanish) and while grammar mistakes are gonna be present on the prototype, that doesn’t mean that they should be on the final “first?” chapter right?

So, If anypony can help, i’ll be REALLY happy QwQ

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2362693 I finally got a laptop, no more need of being online on my cellphone x') QwQ

2328089 Derpibooru if i recall right, or maybe "Royal Kiss" in google can bd useful. Sadly at this moment i don't have pc, that's why i'm using my cellphone DX but out there it should be at higher resolution, that is sure.

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