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    More things I don't understand: WTF Canada edition (also, changelings again) · 1:16am May 26th

    Seriously Canada, what's up with this? It was bad enough when England aired the season six finale like three weeks early. But that wasn't supposed to be a challenge. What's your goal here in releasing two episodes a week in season seven?

    I mean, this is actually a serious problem for the show. If we were talking about something like Game of Thrones or Twin Peaks, there wouldn't be a problem. those are story-heavy shows, with overarching plots. Even if every episode of a season got released in one day, there'd still be plenty of speculation and so on for the fans to do.

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    FINNALY I have been waiting for this sequal

    You know, your avitar never fails to make me chuckle, and your stories always makes my day.:rainbowlaugh: Love your work, keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

    Any noise on "Changeling Courtship Rituals 2"?

    "Yay now to see the next part of.. the... story... oh.... " -looms blankly at the screen. "Internet, I writer of stories command you to show me the next part!"
    -hits refresh nothing changes-
    "Dammit! Those endings... and the omake chalter made me Sure more was around and I was just late..." -reads blog- "Chryssi and Twi story line hmm?" -taps my chin- "Might as well right?"
    In all seriousness, Trials was an awesome story and I wanna read more! So do the typy work making thingy please? I wanna see Celestia reacting to NMM!!


    Well, I'm definitely glad to hear that there are some more plans for CCR, and it's not just a one-time distraction from Trials. Guess I'll be patiently waiting for the sequels to come out!

    As for clop, you can always make it a oneshot spinoff and link to it in author's notes in the chapter after which it's supposed to take place. I've seen such practices before and it works out pretty well. Unless you plan on it having a bigger impact on the story, like Twilight being traumatized and cowering at the sight of eggs in Pinkie's kitchen or something.

    Regardless, thanks for clearing things up. I'm much more calm about the future of CCR now.

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