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This story is a sequel to The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Date Twilight Sparkle

One hand, things seemed to be going perfect for Princess Celestia.

After realizing she had fallen in love with Twilight Sparkle, she was at first hesitant to reveal her love out of fear of rejection and damaging their relationship. However, thanks to the support of her friends, she was convinced to pursue her love. And, as a bonus, she made a new friend. After coming up with the perfect gift to give Twilight to prove her love, Celestia journeyed to Ponyville, ready to declare her feelings to Twilight.

On the other hand...

The new 'friend' she made was Queen Chrysalis.

Chrysalis is only friendly now because she's fallen in love with and is marrying Princess Luna.

The perfect gift was owned by a mob boss and Celestia was only able to obtain it by organizing a heist with the assistance of Princess Cadance and the changelings (who proceeded to empty the vault without telling anyone).

And due to a lack of communication, Twilight was not expecting Queen Chrysalis to show up out of nowhere, attacked her with the Rainbow Power, and as a result was turned to stone herself, along with Chrysalis, Luna, and Cadance.

Oh, and now Nightmare Moon has been freed from Luna's head and has her own body.

This is not what Celestia thought her love life would be like.

Proofing thank to ShutterflyYay, as always.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 200 )

Never thought I would actually do that....


Also thanks for actually writing this long-awaited chapter. It's always appreciated.

Parts of the set-up sound familiar, but parts don't. Is this a sequel to a specific one of your other stories?

Edited: Never mind. :facehoof:

It should be noted that I favorited this story before I even started reading it.

At first I read the chapter title as, “Explosions Galore”. Maybe “Explosition Galore”?

Thought this was what you were teasing from that little picture on your blog. Glad to see this.

lmao what kinda summary is that? This sounds like some good shit though.

Definitely gonna need to reread Trials and Tribulations, I don't remember any of it...

well... this is going to be a shitshow, going to read the previous story to catch up.

This is not what Celestia thought her love life would be like.

It's better than she ever dreamed.

Two years, but I still remembered the insane story that came before it!

What happened was no one's fault.

Other than yours for not writing ahead. Though, again, there's the question of believing anything positive with regards to Chrysalis...

In any case, great to see this continue. Definitely looking forward to more. And I don't suppose Dash can just cut off some of that drag chute growing out of her scalp?

Guessing that it's technically not Chrysalis, but a changeling connected to her hive mind.


The scissors would probably break.

They're off to a great start!

... I nie imagine a very grumpy janitor point having to always mop up Rainbow Power puddles after use, grumbling at those ungrateful brats.

I think this Nightmare fits better than your initial idea.

... You know, dude, you could've just used Chryssie's voice, without trying to change into her.

Oh boy, it's finally here! I waited for soooo long.

I like this more then I thought I would.

Changelings are immortal ... until they're out of bodies.

But this raises some disturbing concerns. For example, do newborn changelings get a personality, or just a previously dead one inhabits it?

I think I going to have to reread the first one to figure out what happen and who is ship who

Hmm, interesting. I think the changeling immortality is more useful in the long run. You can destroy Wolverine if you atomise him, but being able to just be reborn indefinitely provides one with a lot of unique strategies. I like this idea.

... Poor Background Pony, I mean Applejack.

And poor assistant bug. Go easy on him, Sunbutt.

I imagine being the royalty's shrink would pay very well, but the survival ratio is very low.

This journey is going to be wonderful.

Celestia does not take others touching her things well. About as well as the antagonist from Moulin Rouge.

or, say, robbing a vault…

Was that in a prior story? It's been a while, and I feel like I recall something along those lines, but not what or even where.

Also… she did bear her heart to us.

The word is bare.

"Yep," said Ka-klack brightly, then flinched as everypony in the room glared at him.

I believe honest to a fault is the correct term there. Or perhaps "Someone go get me a large flyswatter". Wait, or would they consider that kinky? :twilightoops: *reads a bit more* Oh, I see Celly has a better idea. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Nightmare. She actually had a point there. And poor Applejack too. I'm wondering if the revenge is simply in making her terrified that she'll have some sort of unpleasant revenge coming, only to find out that the anticipation WAS the revenge.

That form of immortality is actually a semi-common theme for at least Queen Cheeselegs. It's a pretty cool one, honestly.


Was that in a prior story?

It's covered in chapter ten of the previous story.


The word is bare.

My apologies, and thank you for the correction :twilightsmile:

Relax, Applejack. Chrysalis swearing vengeance upon you is practically how she says hello.

Also, Celestia has a lot to think about tonight...


That gets covered a bit more when they actually reach the hive. Sorry, no spoilers. Well, "spoilers", it's just a bit of lore, not any kind of major plot point.


I think I got it from The Life and Times of a Winning Pony, or at least I think that's where it came from. I'm never completely sure where a lot of my ideas come from, but I realized eventually that Life and Times has something similar—which was mostly used so that Chrysalis could be 'killed' while still keeping the story canon to the show. At least, that's how I see it, if you want a little bit of literary analysis from me.

I remember something along those lines as well, but like you, I can't recall the source. That was probably it, though -- I think that was the one where the queen didn't even exist as a real being but manifested among the changelings as a sort of extension of the hivemind?

I don't recall the exact specifics, but I do recall that she basically popped out of a normal changeling at one point, which fits with what you remember. Though I can't remember if that was what you said about her being a manifestation of the hivemind, or just a way she communicated long distance.

Getting flashbacks to the Earthworm Jim cartoon when they went on a road trip.

Love it. Out of curiosity, how long is this story?

Must throw more parties. Can't sleep"
Can't sleep."
(Need that period there.)

I am available as back up.

Poor Trollestia has met her match with Nightmare. I'd want to think she's innocent (not that I can know until the story's over, but I'm hoping), but it's so hilariously bad for Tia's stress levels. Good thing she's immortal. :D

I think the best outcome for Celestia and Nightmare Moon's relationship would be Celestia realizing that the main reason why she hates NM isn't because she corrupted Luna, but because NM reminds her that she failed being the older sibling.

How 5 random civilians without any political knowlegde and experience is supposed to prevent anything? Opposition never care about such things as "heroes of...."

Believe in me who believes in you who believes in the heart of the cards!

Don't worry, Ka-clackadzynsky or whatever is your name, you can always open a chain of brothels! :D

Comment posted by Emtu deleted September 25th

I decided to call that story... Changeling Courtship Rituals.


Well at least now if anyone wonders what Shining’s shields taste like there is a pony who can answer that.

This is great, lol. Pint sized terror Moony. If only Truant officers were a thing they’d run into in this story.

And wow, this was the seed for CCR? Now I feel like reading that again.

Huh, yeah, that's a long road.

D'awwww, Moony!

Ka'clack, you smugbug.

I hope the shield at least tasted good?

... holy horse feathers, you're a comedy god!

"I—sorry for disturbing you, ma'am. Sir. Sir. Ma'am. Sir. And Ma'am." Door slam.

What? How? That sounds more complicated than anything else.

I think a brothel would be a close approximation of wallpaper paste for a changeling. No true love, except for rare cases.

It does. Maybe weird BDSM with the mares as doms? Something kinky, I'm sure.

Interesting to imagine guns in Equestria are a millennia old.

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