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After being pulled from his nearly nine-hundred year stretch of hell in the dark abyss that is the Twisting Nether to serve the new Lich King, the Archlich Kel'Thuzad was faced with the dilemma of freedom from his bindings to the Scourge. He had been an advisor and (somewhat twisted) friend to the most evil being in Azeroth's history for nearly 15 years. He had butchered and enslaved thousands, spit in and stepped on nature's face with the necromantic horrors that were created aboard Naxxramas, and was a generally annoying raid boss, all while under the cruel tyranny of Azeroth's previous Lich King, Arthas Menethil...
But, when an Equestrian Lich King is appointed by Death himself in exchange for immortality, Kel'Thuzad is in for the surprise of his unlife when he is thrown into a large room, with two comparatively small, sentient equines, who claim to be the reigning Prince and Princess of a kingdom.

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Well. Fuck.

Now shit is about to go down faster than a meteor down a gravity well.

Very intrigued to see where you take this.


You will take my thumbs up and you will like it!

Wait, hold the phone
what in the world is the Helm of domination doing in equestria?

Not bad. It could use some editing, but the concept and characterizations are pretty solid so far, so I'll see what you can do with this.

This. . .will be interesting.

Interesting premise.

He knows not what he has done. Then again neither do I.

whelp the emotional backlash should be interesting enough just like a train wreck you cant look away.

Neither shiny nor Caddy has the guts for this type of stuff on their own, they don't want to get their hooves dirty with soming

Shining is going to have to get his hooves dirty, if he wants what's best...

Interesting so far. Didn't see any mistakes that bothered me.....though i got to say red eyes on a WOW undead seems just wrong. green for regular necromancy or the blue of the scourge eh whatevs. Ill keep an eye on the story see what madness you dream up.


Kel'Thuzad's model ingame has blue eyes with red pupils...

Comment posted by Lich-Lord Krosis deleted Jan 11th, 2016

From serving an asshole of a lick king to an even more magical talking horse, Lick King. Looks like Kel'Thuzad's moving up in the world.

an even more magical talking horse, Lick King.

Beware the lick king.

6561354 Always. I check my closet daily.

First off, YES! FINALLY updated! :pinkiehappy: That "update" button really needs to have a "confirm" command attached to it.

Reading about Shiny's reasons for the summoning really underscore my opinion of the idiot but with the cries for blood in the back of his mind, he MIGHT finally be able to handle politics. There really is at least ONE good point to dictatorships, the ability to deal with nobles and politicians like they should be with impunity.:scootangel:

6579124 Technically, Equestria is akin to an Absolute Monarchy, which is basically a nice way to say Dictatorship...
Celestia and Luna are just too nice for their own good...

6579351 And yet tia allows the nobles and politicians to walk all over her, her sister and quite likely at least half the laws of the country to the point where she's nothing but a figure head.

I still don't quite get what exactly happened to Shining. Is he undead or something else? And how does the Helm of Domination play into all of this?
Maybe i just missed something.

6580198 Read up on lichdom. You'll get why Kel'Thuzad is so confused.

As far as i understand it Shining tried to summon an advisor to help them at court but accidently sealed his soul inside the Crystal heart, Death got involved and recommended Kel'Thuzad and also gave him the Helm of Domination.
Now Shining is just a killing away from full lichdom, what i dont quite understand is how he accidently started his conversion, afaik its usually a process that either takes enormous effort and quite a few acts that no pony would ever willingly commit or the help of a very powerful sponsor aka the Lich King like for pretty much all the Liches that served the scourge.
Is that correct so far?

6580592 Shining performed a ritual to contact Death himself...
What better way than killing yourself?
The ritual required to become a lich both extremely complicated and controversial. When you're using a phylactery that's second-hand, however...

Things get... Interesting.

As for Kel'Thuzad, Ner'Zhul binded him to the Lich King for eternity when he gave his soul in turn. Were the Lich King goes, he goes.

Whether he likes it or not.

It seems a little extreme to kill yourself to get an advisor to help with the annoyances at court

6580794 He wanted immortality, not an advisor. His wife, soon to be his sister, and his now aunt-in-laws are all immortal. Kel'Thuzad just came with the package.

Shining will soon realize the downfalls of lichdom, and be forced to make some interesting decisions...

Arthas was undead, but he retained many qualities that most undead did not...

Arthas never really died and he was definitly not a lich, when he put on the Helm of Domination he fused with the Powers imbued into it he basically ascended and became something beyond life, death and even undeath. I would put him in the same category as the demigods and various ancients that dwell on Azeroth.

And now i also understand the whole premise of the story! Which means i can enjoy it without constantly wondering whats going on.

6581122 Yeah Arthas was more akin to a god than undead at the end its implied the he even broke Yogg-Saron an brought him an his forces to heel in several quests in Northrend, Saronite the main Metal used by the Scourge in everything they make is Yogg-Saron blood.

Comment posted by Lich-Lord Krosis deleted Nov 1st, 2015

Sooooo...I was wondering why Shining was such a boss in the recent companion story...welp the more you know...

*shivers at the possibility of Cadance having to deal with accusations of necrophilia...and possibly having to put up with an angry luna in my dreams*

6598990 Copulation with the undead can be taken both ways, as they are not really... dead, per say.

6598990 Is it beastiality if you're a pony and you bone a mule/dragon/gryphon/draconequis?
What about a lich?
heh, bone :rainbowlaugh:

6599170 I imagine bestiality is not as frowned upon as it is on Earth or Azeroth, seeing as a certain dragon is infatuated with a certain unicorn, and nobody bats an eye.

As for a lich, I have a hard time even thinking of a way to screw one, seeing as a large majority of the liches in this story have no lower body. And their mouths... well, their teeth don't look very nice.

6599188 Would it even be seen as such though? I mean, they're all sapient.
I wasn't too concerned with the practicality of going at it with a Lich, I thought asking about it would be Humerus. :rainbowkiss:

Peppermint tea is refreshing.


Didn't expect that to happen:applejackunsure:

Multiple Phyllies!

So basically hes undying, which is basically getting the benefits of undeath without actually dying in the first place. Arthas became undying after his soul was bound to Frostmourne, and some of the higher ranking member of the Cult of the Dammed where also undying.

Beginner Licks 101,usually your not supposed to fuck with your phylactery. However, Shining Armor is a special case.

Only people like Shiny could bungle their way into something like this and get away with it basically scotfree

6613661 Oh, this train is still VERY far away from the station...

So... multiple phylacteries... undying...


If you think these chapters are short, they are only short because I like to trickle the story out, rather than releasing it in blocks.

Wait, Sombra vs. Sombra? Oh wait, his phylacter was the heart, but he still controlled his corpse. Either this is some plot twist, or i'm having a serious brain fart.

6620017 Sombra was a lich, therefore he needed a phylactery. The Crystal Heart. This also explains his insistence upon retrieving it in the show. My little twist on it. When they purified the heart, bye bye Sombra's soul.

6619806 so like building a house out of sticks and stones, but not bricks :P

Adds up all in all, making for a bit of weird sense.

This chapter has me kinda of lost to tell you the truth. One minute Kel is laying down the info dump on Shiny and Candence the next shes lying in a pool of her own blood.

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