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"gg i deserve challenjour"

My Waifu.


The State of Me and Writing · 8:57pm Dec 28th, 2017

I've more or less fallen into a slump with writing after taking up a few new hobbies, as well as college being close to becoming my entire day life for me. I'm sorry, but updates will be very few and far in-between.


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Internet Cancer

Welcome to ShadowFall's user page!

Art by: harrison2142 via devientart

Hello Everypony!

It just so happens to appear that you are reading this block glued to my user page.

Oh well, I guess I'll put something here.

Age: Old enough to read Mature Stories. I swear.

Gender: How dare you for attempting to identify my gender. I'll have you know that I identify strictly as an A-10 Warthog. Please respect my decision. I've had surgery to install a gatling gun in my mouth and my arms to become hardpoints to hold rockets and J-DAMs.

Intrests: Science Fiction, League of Legends, Pokemon, Ponies, Romance (guilty pleasure at times), Ponies, Great Stories, and did I mention Ponies?

Favorite catch-phrase:

"It appears your chances of survival are...less...than zero."

Favorite Pony: Rainbow Dash

Favorite League Champion: Vel'koz

Favorite Pokemon: Galvantula

What I have been doing: Sitting in front of my computer screen to write a story, type one sentence, get bored, quit, then play League of Legends. Rinse and repeat.

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