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Hey im a fan of MLP FIM and im trying to get a story down so yeah.


And I might be back. · 5:16am January 5th

So, over three years now. I’ll say I am very sorry for lack of writing and communication. I did stop writing fics because I got away from MLP. But then I decided to come back after rewatching some. Also I am in the US Navy now so I have been busy with that. But I text this blog because I wanna know, anyone here still interested in any of my writing? Because it’s been so long, but I do wanna know. Please, anyone just comment or PM me if you want me to keep going. Or say stop it’s all the same to

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Sup Jerry. :derpytongue2:

Your profile avatar, the image of Applejack!

Wow... Your avatar... Wow

Thanks for the watch and favs!:twilightsmile:

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