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So you like Star Wars and MLP, huh? Well, it looks like you've stumbled into the right cantina, buddy! We don't care whether you're Imperial, Rebel, Old Republic, New Republic, or a blasted bounty hunter! Post your stories here!

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WOW. Nearly a full year later? Celestia's sake, dude, I told you to back off.

Oh screw you, being a dick to the newer trilogy. You don't know how good you have it compared to the prequel trilogy. Don't you freaking TRY to start up any of this crap. Sick of it.

You guys need to add a sequel era section.

What nerd doesn’t love them some Star Wars? Hey, I have an idea for an epic crossover between MLP and Star Wars. Now, I’m not talking about just taking the Mane Six and Dropping them into Star Wars, because any couch potato can do that. I’m working on actually transforming MLP heroes and Villains into characters that are part of a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

I would assume that folder includes the SWTOR era, yes. If it's in the (very) general time frame from before Exar Kun, through both KOTORs, to the events of SWTOR and slightly beyond, then it's probably fair game.

I have a question. Is the Old Republic folder for stories that take place in the SWTOR era? If you don't know what SWTOR is, you're probably a newbie fan. Either way, SWTOR stands for Star Wars The Old Republic, a Star Wars MMORPG. You can choose from eight classes, four for the Republic, and four for the Sith Empire. Your choices in-game decide how things will go, and you can choose light or dark side actions. You also have companions, some of which you can form a romantic relationship with, and your very own starship. If you decide to make your own account, mention CaeREKCB as the user who referred you.

Greetings to all the fans! I am a big fan of the Star Warrior, I reviewed all the episodes several times. What is your favorite episode? I even find it difficult to answer which one I like more. I am now in college, and recently writing an essay on sociology, I introduced the topic of Star Warriors there. In these examples, there is also my work An essay about the conflict of light and darkness. If interested, you can read it. May the Force be with you!

lol no, get your facts straight.

Actually although the prequel era is called the old republic, the era before the prequel are also called the old republic. The era of the Sith empire, the great hyperspace war, the mandorlorian wars, the sack of coursant, the destruction of taris, battle of the star forge, with characters such as Darth revan, bane, Malak, the Sith emperor valkorian, Jedi ballista, and many more all of which took pkace thousands of years before the prequels. Thier are littealy hours of whole articles and even books, games, videos, and more from this pre prequel era.

So what qualifies as the Old Republic and the Prequel Era? They're the SAME thing. If you bother to do the research.

It's not just you. I feel the same way.

Let's be honest. Star Wars is maybe one of two universes (Star Trek the other) where nothing needs to be changed for Equestria to fit right in.

Or is that just me?

I have to say that I'd agree

There should be "Legends" and "Canon" folders.

Will you please kindly unwad your panties? No offense dude, but you seem like a downer a lot of times. We're expressing our love and our opinions. If you don't have something nice to say, please just keep it to yourself.

I need help I need someone to be my editor in co-rider or at least one of them please someone text me and say you will help


i need help on a soldier name

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