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So you like Star Wars and MLP, huh? Well, it looks like you've stumbled into the right cantina, buddy! We don't care whether you're Imperial, Rebel, Old Republic, New Republic, or a blasted bounty hunter! Post your stories here!

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There should be "Legends" and "Canon" folders.

I love Star Wars for what it is

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Will you please kindly unwad your panties? No offense dude, but you seem like a downer a lot of times. We're expressing our love and our opinions. If you don't have something nice to say, please just keep it to yourself.

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Comment posted by OrionSpark21 deleted Dec 8th, 2018

I need help I need someone to be my editor in co-rider or at least one of them please someone text me and say you will help


i need help on a soldier name

I like Star Wars.

Hello please to meet you all.
I’ve also been looking for a Collab partner or abnyone who can me pointers to help me with a idea story of mine. Its still a rough draft but the idea is that the changelings are at war with the ponies. Despite having the ponies outnumbered they can't beat their organized military and chrysalis prays for help while in another universe grievous was just killed by obi wan. Long story short he ends up in equestria

Hey there, just joined up, and I’ve been looking for a Collab partner to help with my Equestrian Darkness Unleashed story (most likely starting with that title, ugh).

It’s a story where 1,000 years ago Discord had a vision of his reformation, and tried to stop it by “littering the chess board with extra pieces.” So he ripped open a hole in the dimentions to ya o through a few Star Destroyers, and Starkiller from the DLC of the Force Unleashed 2. Stuff happened, and now Nightmare Moon has ruled for 1,000 years in eternal night while Equestria has all but gone completely space age (though still just domestic to Equestria since as far as we know Equestria has no Outer Space). What’s more Empress Nightmare Moon has an academy for training gifted unicorns into Sith.

This is where Twilight Sparkle is now, and with the 1,000th anniversary of the day Nightmare Moon rose to power she has a chance to prove herself as more than an acolyte.

So... Any takers? Anyone interested in helping me?

Star Wars and ponies forever.

Star Wars is life

Hey guys, I'm new to this group.

What I'm going to be writing for my crossover of MLP and Star Wars? I'm making the whole prequel trilogy, plus the midquel film and television, The Clone Wars, in between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, into words.

My main character, however, is not Anakin, but instead my second OC, whom I named "Sky Light" - who has same intelligence and skills as Skywalker. I hope this'll catch your interests for my story on this site.

Yeah, that's about right :rainbowlaugh:

So what's the story about FN-2000 called? I would like to give it a read

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