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New Chapter of Star Wars: Jedi Lyra out December 2nd · 1:08am December 1st

Hey guys. Just letting you know that Jedi Lyra will be updated tomorrow with a new chapter. Sorry it took so long. There was a lot that had to be rewritten and I needed more time to fix everything. Hope the wait will be worth the hype.

Edit: The chapter has been delayed for another day. The conclusion needs some work before the final posting. I apologize about the long delay, but it's needed for this upcoming chapter. Sorry guys. :fluttershysad:

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Nice story name and profile picture :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Assy Assman deleted Sep 3rd, 2018

Thanks for the fave on the 'Diamond Tiara' story. I never cease to be surprised to see how many people like that one.

Um, thanks. Did not see this coming.

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