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  • E A Cider for the Heartbroken
    On the day of Rainbow Dash’s wedding, Ponyville's local bartender decided to skip the festivities and relax for the day. Unfortunately for Stirred Cider, two ponies interrupt her leisure and drag her in a squabble between siblings.
    currentlemon · 3.3k words · 109 views
  • T Technological Wonders
    As an experiment, Twilight Sparkle worked with her counterpart and Sunset Shimmer to bring technology over to Equestria. After weeks of hard work, Twilight had set up her own computer inside her castle, ready to share it among her friends
    currentlemon · 12k words  ·  44  4 · 755 views
  • E Grievance
    Lyra’s shenanigans get her injured and sent straight to the hospital, leaving her best friend, Bon Bon, frustrated. So when she goes to visit her friend at the hospital, Bon Bon ponders about the future of their friendship and how Lyra can change
    currentlemon · 3k words  ·  14  2 · 183 views

No Update This Week Again · 8:56pm Sunday

No updates again on Jedi Lyra this week. I'm too busy rewriting my Technological Wonders story. Next week, I'll talk about her Force abilities.

Goals for the week
Rewrite Technological Wonders
Practice writing fight scenes
Read Darth Bane book
Come up with new story idea

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Um, thanks. Did not see this coming.

So I see you just joined the site, yet it doesn't look like it with the quality of fiction you've written. Have a follow, friend.

Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back.

I saw your thread on crafting fight scenes. I'd like to see how that will pan out.

Welcome to Fimfiction. Nice name.

Welcome to Fimfiction!

Since you have a story in works, I'll give you the same deal I give to everyone. For every comment you make on my GDoc: Darkness in Sweetie Belle, I'll make one comment on your story. Let me know if you're interested.

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