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Rough Week for Writing and my Job · 1:42am 22 hours ago

This past week has been very rough for me. I could not get any of my writing goals done. My job's constant schedule changes caught me off guard, and I did not get as much done as I hoped. Sure I posted two chapters this week, but now I'm really behind. For my usual plans, I post one chapter each week, then complete one rough draft and send it to my editors. While I give them time to edit, I work on the next chapter by planning out an outline first, then the actual chapter.

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Um, thanks. Did not see this coming.

So I see you just joined the site, yet it doesn't look like it with the quality of fiction you've written. Have a follow, friend.

Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back.

I saw your thread on crafting fight scenes. I'd like to see how that will pan out.

Welcome to Fimfiction. Nice name.

Welcome to Fimfiction!

Since you have a story in works, I'll give you the same deal I give to everyone. For every comment you make on my GDoc: Darkness in Sweetie Belle, I'll make one comment on your story. Let me know if you're interested.

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