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  • 243 weeks
    To all haters

    To everybody who hated on me in primary school, fuck you! Look at me now. Fuck you Mrs Johnson, you terrible teacher. You said I'd never amount to anything. Well fuck you you fucking whore. Maybe if you were nicer, you'd still have a husband!

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  • 243 weeks
    Something happened

    Last night, out of peer pressure, I got drunk. Im 13, so I wasn't doing too good. Soon I blacked out. I texted my friend and asked what Happened. He said the following.
    "Dude, you said you were Waluigi."
    I replied "how?"
    He replied "you got your dick stuck in a vending machine"
    Never again will I get drunk

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  • 243 weeks

    I don't understand why people celebrate the 4th of July. So it's Americas birthday, so what? And fireworks too. There loud, too bright, and I can't use them were I live. I hate this holiday

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  • 243 weeks
    Hey guys

    So, some updates.
    I recently celebrated my little brothers birthday
    I finished 7th grade
    Some yandere chick became my stalker
    I fell in love with said stalker
    I got a girlfriend
    And I attempted suicide.
    Pretty eventful since I went offline for "good".

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  • 243 weeks

    It seems everyone has forgotten about me. It's a shame really. I was starting to like this place. Another failed experiment.

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  • 250 weeks
    Kept you waiting, didn't I?

    Hey guys, I'm back. But I'll be inactive for like, forever now. I'm just not a brony anymore. I've moved on. Well, cya

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  • 257 weeks

    My name is Zion Lybot. I am a hunter for the new sith. I wear orange and black Mandalorian armor and carry a double bladed red lightsaber and a CD-5754, a laser gun that the old battle droids carried (basically a laser rifle). My companion is an old battle droid named 3214-D who Is colored black and orange. My lightsaber can split into two lightsabers for faster combat. If you don't mess with me, you will not be shown the power of sith force.

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  • 257 weeks
    Realized something

    There's no buff wizards in Harry Potter. No gym at Hogwarts. No one does a single push-up. So that means I can snap Harry Potter' back like a glow stick

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  • 258 weeks
    new rules

    as I, Anti Flutterguy666, I say that there are new rul-

    hey, Anti, f*** off
    I'm back

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  • 258 weeks
    my upcoming

    Hello, fillies and gentlecolts! I am the new runner of this page, for I am

    ANTI FLUTTERGUY666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Plus Ultra lol.

Your breathtaking!

Thanks for the follow:pinkiesmile:

How can I forget my friend

Huh, wonder where I've seen your avatar before?:rainbowlaugh:

Yay! That works :3

Be sure to check out my stories!

Ty for your follow! May I ask why?

Comment posted by Terry the human deleted Mar 19th, 2019
Comment posted by Terry the human deleted Mar 19th, 2019

Who the hell are you?

Thanks for the watch!

Thank for watching me and my name is chazkopa, it's a honor to meet you.

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back story

Name:Discord Spikely Brooks II
Profession: Espionage for the group T.A.G
Backstory: I was born in Vanhoover in 1984, to parents Butterfly Shylin and Gemglow Shylin(Yes I have two moms) and sister Fluttershy Shylin. in 1996, I stopped Celestia's war machine called Metal Gear L-UNA but also started WWIII. In the mission though, I lost my eye, front right leg and wings, so they were replaced by parts of L-UNA so now I can use wing projectiles, which pierces the enemy.
Married to: Rainbow Dash, now named Rainbow Brooks.
I have one daughter, Scootaloo Brooks.
Weapons: Shotgun, Pistol, Wrench, Shovel, and a MG 42
I have my own hand to hand combat skill called CMC.

I may be old, but I still do what I do best. Killing

also, my theme songs

after mission
after stealing twilight's power(long story)
kind me
after my brother(another long story) was killed by a human