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Tfw you walk through the girls aisle in target, see all the pony clothing, and desperately wish you were a girl aged 4-9. Sigh.

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Summoning Twilight - (Un)official Soundtrack! · 5:33pm Nov 16th, 2018

Hey everypony! With the completion of Summoning Twilight and how well-received it was (in no small part because of the fantastic Disney-centered music choices) I wanted to put together an unofficial soundtrack for the story. Below is the link to the youtube playlist I put together with songs from the story itself, mentioned during dialogue, or just plain fit in the theme of the story itself, with some bonus tracks for good measure!

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I got curious and looked at the story this author supposedly plagiarized and ya it's pretty damn blatant. They only slightly reworded a lot of it and some of it they didn't even bother to do that.

Oh Webdog never got to publish it, or even create it I'm afraid.
It's just the sequel of Summoning Twilight, but as to it's content there's only room for our imagination.

Could you share what was Freeing Sunset about? I loved this story and it's so sad not to get closure :(

Despite the story being gone, I am so relieved to have asked Webdog some questions about Summoning Twilight and his own perespective, along with some theories I've had when I first read it, and still having the logs of it.

I've just read ST once again and having those answers from him, despite everything that happened regarding his story and him being just gone since that time, is the best closure I can get for Freeing Sunset being cancelled.


Hi, the book is called "Bleeding for Eurydice". You'll find it if you search on Amazon. The author already said it was okay to post the original publically, so there's no need to PM you.

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