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Tfw you walk through the girls aisle in target, see all the pony clothing, and desperately wish you were a girl aged 4-9. Sigh.

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Summoning Twilight - (Un)official Soundtrack! · 5:33pm Nov 16th, 2018

Hey everypony! With the completion of Summoning Twilight and how well-received it was (in no small part because of the fantastic Disney-centered music choices) I wanted to put together an unofficial soundtrack for the story. Below is the link to the youtube playlist I put together with songs from the story itself, mentioned during dialogue, or just plain fit in the theme of the story itself, with some bonus tracks for good measure!

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Hi, the book is called "Bleeding for Eurydice". You'll find it if you search on Amazon. The author already said it was okay to post the original publically, so there's no need to PM you.

Could you PM me the name of the book? I looked for it in the comments but couldnt find it.

To anyone who's coming around wondering what's happened to Summoning Twilight here's the rundown.

Sometime last year Summoning Twilight was taken down and Webdog was banned (though as far as I can tell he's since been unbanned) on accusations of plagiarism.

As far as I can tell these accusations are false and the result of the "original" author and/or their fans getting butthurt over Webdog making a better story using the same basic plot idea as the "original" story.

Well, it has been asked already, but I too want to know what happened to Summoning Twilight. And of course the sequel.

I wonder if it was the song lyrics? Admittedly, no one really follows that rule from what I've seen, but it's still there. (As an aside, lyrics shouldn't count as copyrightable, but somehow allegedly need to be licensed anyway. Something's weird there. As an even funnier aside, because of that, like phone numbers, it's perfectly fine to copy someone else's lyrics (if they did the work and wrote them down) for your own lyrics (as an info website or something) if both of you have the "rights" to display the lyrics. Even if the writing-down of them wasn't your own. I love law. It's great. *rolls eyes*)

And now I have to grumble about one little part of the plot (aside from the gratuitous lemon in what was an otherwise* T-rated story :D ):
If goddesshood is acquired by the loss of your aspect/your greatest joy (aside from whatever this means for Celestia and Luna, who clearly still have the sun and moon?), then how is the mirror thing OR the Twiset shipping going to hold up? It's literally impossible for Sunset to become immortal in that manner twice over: Her own emblem (I'm NOT saying the other name :P) was earned when she said she'd sacrifice herself for Twilight if that was what it took. So no matter what, she'll end up in the middle of a Mayfly-December romance because she either would have to lose Twilight or die herself to become immortal, and Twilight has no need to be saved since she can't die (which goes back to Point One if she did)!

And then of course, once Sunset goes (since we've established that there's probably no way for her NOT to end up dead of old age at best), the mirror will probably end up unbalanced again since Other!Sunset-with-a-broken-diary-and-a-grudge will still be over there and perhaps even be trying to break the balance further. (As another aside, I find the second Sunset you've written there to be one of the most appalling ones I've read about. I suppose that deserves a congratulations, but not exactly a useful one...)

At risk of discovering the plot of the hypothetical sequel, the only way I can think of that those intersecting conditions where one MUST die could work out, aside from the continuing need to defeat Other!Sunset, is if Sunset ends up in a situation where Twilight is somehow in danger or perhaps even believed to be (or Princess Bride-style "Only Mostly") dead and there's nothing she can do about it. Which could imply that Other!Sunset tries something or captures Twilight, and Sunset has a breakdown and sprouts wings, at which point she stages a rescue since she now has infinite cosmic power. I really have no idea what her domain would end up being, though... Alicorn of starcrossed lovers? And you'd still need to figure out a way that Twilight could get out of that alive and still immortal, so that the situation isn't just reversed... (No, making both of them NOT immortal is an absolutely terrible option)

*(not physically, since it admittedly was M-rated, but in terms of how it actually read)

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