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I am Princess Celestia, and it warms my heart to receive your welcome. . .

~ Princess Celestia, UN Summit Meeting.

Of course, all are welcome to Equestria.

~ Princess Luna, UN Summit Meeting.

And I love his fingers. They reach places nopony could with their hooves alone! ... The way they touch your coat, massage your hooves. . . yes! A-ma-zing!”

~ Lyra Heartstrings, Equestrian Times.

I ... have to point out that for every tale of human atrocity ... I have ten stories that show how they shine.

~ Twilight Sparkle, Equine Weekly

A Gentleman for Mares must be capable of adapting to the needs of any mare, always expanding his repertoire and make each customer a happy one; For a happy customer, is a repeat customer.

~ Platinum Corona, founder of the Gentlemen for Mares

You are mine!

~ Grizelda Behertz

When Twilight Sparkle opens a portal and accidentally transcended time and space, it linked to another world: Earth. Human Beings realized they were not alone and the two established cultural exchange and trades. Welcome to Gentlemanverse.

The Gentlemanverse, a universe where two worlds meet and co-exist together. This group is dedicated to putting together the stories based from the Gentleman for Mares Universe, whether they are set in the original universe itself, an alternate version of it, or a parody. So much can be explored in this setting. Do you want to further explore of the lives of humans as the escort for mares? Maybe the life of an engineer or tech specialist hired by the Equestrian Government? Or how about the further cultural exploration of ponies and its other races?

This universe is open to a lot of interpretation. So, take a gander. Relax. Read or create your own take on this universe. And put it here for the world to see.

There is only one simple rule. Be nice. Debate, criticize, be opinionated, but never cross the line. Attack an idea, never the person.

Gentlemanverse has hit 200 members! Thank you all very much! And congrats, KingofLasers, for you are the 150th member. :yay:Still no price, though. Sorry.

Submission Rules:

You can place your stories twice. One on the main folder, and the another to its dedicated folder.

Enjoy, people.

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*poke poke*

So, are we allowed to play here? Like, if I wanted to hypothetically explore minotaur culture, how free would I be to do that?

any new chapters on the horizon ?

really liked the stories n.n

401912 no the problem was, that the mature filter was still on, on my mobile phone ...

401074 i think some stories are repeted dont know why, in the main universe and original

Only recently i have read some stories and well what caught my eye was infact the coexistance of both worlds and how humans helped the races in equestria and vice versa. Despite all the stories being sexual oriented the ralationship betwen characters its really well done.

Also its a breath of fresh air after most stories being one human in equestria, a pony on earth or the convertion Bureau. Also i wish to see something diferent outside the G4M work line, like the humans soldiers helping the griphon kingdom(or other pony cties) or even a normal man already living a family life with a mare even with children(both pony and human), the gentlemanverse has so much oportunities and i say this because its not limited to one character

Okay guys where are the other stories hidden when i visit with mobile?!? It says 40 story but only shows me a handfull in each section (41 items over 4 sections if my math didn't failed me ... Dunno if this goes by chapters)
I use firefox on an Android phone

(just a link to the new gentleman training story would help too ;-)

Problem found: stupid mature content filter!!

This universe is open to a lot of interpretation. So, take a gander. Relax. Read or create your own take on this universe. And put it here for the world to see.

I'm going to hold you to that! :rainbowkiss:

Time to get to work.

Edit : It does seem a bit weird to me that you would so easily accept a story into your universe. I will do my best to not humiliate myself or your universe.

Demon eyes laharl, i really loved your work in the Gentleman for Mares. You're one badass writer and my new favorite one. Looking forward to read more from you.

Have a mustache good sir! :moustache:

A lot of comedy Pony X Human romance fics 13 years before FIM came out.
I picture the antelope being mint green for some reason....

Edit: During "Gentlemen for Mares" or a GfM side fic it could easily cut away with "Meanwhile on Earth...." and do this

Guess I'm officially part of this group now. Nice to meet you all!:pinkiehappy:

You really made an awesome universe , glad to see you're allowing other people to use it or add their grain of salt.


Heh. If you like unactive groups, welcome. XD


Thanks for the offer. Once I settled a few things on my end, I'll make a few arrangements. I just want to make sure you won't get too bogged down.

I have joined your group sir.

I'm quite active, though not experienced as a moderator on fimfiction. I agree with Seraph. If you want to make a choice, you should choose those who are with the right mindset, which means they care about the group enough to make some progress and are not afraid of PonyXHuman relationships. Writing a story in your universe seems a bit too much, but the right attitude to approach those relationships is a must.

As for me... I'm an admin in my own group, I could also be a mod in your group if you deem me proper.

Could be a good idea. Though if you do decide to add mods you should come up with some requirements. Like thya should be actually writing a story set in your verse.
As for increasing activity, you could always give a few scenario promps that would be set in your verse, and make it a contest. Something like the winning story becomes a part of the cannon of your verse. They could be either the going ons back on Earth, or eith the other FiM world races, and how the discovery of Earth is effecting them, or even set in the future of the verse. Of course you would have to set guidelines.

It is all up to you though

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