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"Theres far and then theres too far"

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Stuff about me.

Well despite being on the site for a while i decided to talk alittle about me.

Name: Would't you like to know


Nationality: Mexican

Age: Around Dr.Wolf and Silver Quill's(yeah that old)

Favortite characters: Sunset Shimmer, The Dazzlings/Sirens, Sci-Twi, Shadow 5, Starlight Glimmer, Flash Sentry, Trixie, Diamond Tiara, Princess Luna, Gaby, Coloratura, Coco Pomel, Dragon Lord Ember and Garble(yeah i like the dragon such wasted pottential).

Favorite background and minor characters: Bonbon, Lyra, Flitter, Cloudchaser, Citrus Blush, cayenne, North Point, Moonlight Raven, Sunny Smiles.

Least favorite characters: Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Shining Armor, the CMC, Spike, Cinch, Svengallop, Spoiled Rich, the royal guard.

Favorite EQG movie: Rainbow Rocks Least Favorite: Equestria Girls

Favorite Mlp episodes: All of Starlight's Least Favorite: AJ episodes except Mane attraction.

How i became a brony?
Officially after watching Rainbow Rocks i enjoyed that movie alot especially the characters of Sunset and the Sirens/Dazzlings, the animationa was great and the music. This is what caught my attention to give the show a try since for a while i thought friendship is magic was part of G3 mostly because i didn't see anything of it until Rainbow Rocks, not even the fandom.

On a side note i watched G1 as a little kid and ejoyed it, and a i grew old it became a guilty pleasure i enjoyed the first speciall Escape from Midnight castle, Return of TAbelon and the Great Rainbow CAper the best.

Other stuff:
I enjoy anime and video games. Reading especially good works of fanfictions and Sherlock Holmes novels. I also enjoy hearing music of various generes(exept from im from which is banda or grupera) but i especialy like a band by the name of Lordi.


.hack//G.U. Remaster anounced!!!!!! · 12:44pm June 30th

Im so happy. I have been waiting for this for a while.

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Thank you for your interest in Brand New Beginnings :)

2450998 Send me a message when you post something like that please.

That’s actually a pretty good idea! I might just try it, if I don’t try something with Sunset first. Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Hey its a great story and shows alot of character for flash(which i think he is really underated in the fandom). Im gonna go on a really out there and say in a story he confecces to Sci-Twi how he used to be and how he admires her and maybe envis her for having her friends who ascepted her as she is and herself not changing for others.

It would have been interestin if the story was like the new guy movie, when some friends of his from prison helped him.

Thanks for the fave on "Never Again". :pinkiesmile:

  • Viewing 36 - 40 of 40
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