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Deconstruction: fics that show the problems that The Conversion Bureau would run into in real life or how the events of the 'verse would play out in reality.

Parody: fics that mock the premise of the 'verse.

World at War: fics where Humanity and Equestrians are engaged in open warfare.

Shattered Glass- One shots: One-shot fics based in the more traditional TCB concept. Presented as a means to compare and contrast with the "classic" Anti-TCB fare.

Shattered Glass- Series: Longer TCB fics in the vein of the traditional fics to compare and contrast with "classic" Anti-TCB.

The latter two fics are currently provisional, and are not to be abused by anyone who wishes to try to spam our group with 'pro'-TCB fics (whatever that may be taken to mean.). The term Shattered Glass comes from the Transformers Timelines comic book concept, which is similar to the Mirror Universe that exists in Star Trek. Where those who are good are evil and vice versa. We are placing these up in order to give readers a chance to see both sides of the debate. Please add stories responsibly. If these folders are abused, they will be taken down.

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Oh right, duh! Man I'm stupid. :facehoof:

the conversion bureau.

Are there fics in which humanity wins by becoming better?

What does TCB stand for?

Hello, ACB! Musing among my thoughts in the shower led me to come up with this story. Here's the basic details.

●Equestria lands on an icy world, and begins to convert all Humans on it.
●They succeed, and most Humans on the planet are now newfoals.
●During a final assault on a Human stronghold, Xenolestia discovers that the planet they are on is NOT the Human homeworld.
●Instead, the planet is simply a small mining colony, and that the mining headquarters holds a star chart showing Humanity's colonies and their homeworld, Earth.
●Earth itself, however, is unassailable. The planet is now what one would call an ecumenopolis, a city-planet. There is literally nowhere for Equestria to land; the whole surface is buried under urban structures and the oceans have evaporated long ago. The major colonies are close to such a fate, too. Many of them have only small seas where mighty oceans once were.

How would the TCB Ponies react to this? And should I make this a one-shot story?

Comment posted by Distorted Flare deleted Sep 16th, 2014
Comment posted by Potatomania deleted Dec 1st, 2014

So.... announcement when group hits 700 members?

Is there any fanfics with Phlebotinum Rebel, and other Pro-Human Transhuman tropes?

this. is. glorioius.
(wink wink, nudge nudge)

Comment posted by Dreadnaught deleted Feb 7th, 2014

what would happen if it was the Helgast union that faced the TCB.

398 :trixieshiftleft: so close!!! just 2 more!!!


Hey, we had to do it. Knighty actually deleted the group for a few hours, it was necessary to do some kind of name change so to say our group isn't inherently negative so we don't have to come across as a 'hate group'

Yeah, I know it doesn't sound good, but at least have some understanding it's the only thing that stood between us and deletion. Don't go insulting us for that.

304875 Yea Starman used to have all of my respect. Now I hate him to the core. He is insanely selfish to the degree that he would delete the entire group for his personal desires.

Now for the very first time, I present... King Velkadin! Behold... behold... king Velkadin! Behold Behold!...

307095 it makes us seem less hostile to the conversion bureau group and Im pretty sure its one of the reason our group hasnt been deleted by an admin.

Somebody #54 · Apr 9th, 2013 · · 14 ·

"Alternative Conversion Bureau"?

This name change fucking sucks. What the hell does it even mean??? What is the alternative supposed to be?? It doesn't make any sense!

And it just sounds so fucking cowardly and pathetic in comparison to "Anti-Conversion Bureau".

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