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This group is for authors of TCB Fics about either, humans fighting against the ponies of Equestria or humans gaining the upper hand in a war with them (within any version of TCB Universe). I believe that these Fics deserve recognition as they are not part of the standard TCB genre or the Anti-TCB. It is also a place for authors and readers to chat and have debates about TCB Universe.

I was motivated to set this group up after reading the Fic: Not Alone by Starman Ghost (Which has sadly been removed). The fic dealt with the idea of what would happen if TCB universe was happening in a year close to this one, an idea that is really appealing to me.

Note: This group will not be an Anti-TCB group although Fics and authors of that nature may be welcomed, Authors of TCB Fics may also be welcomed but may or may not be able to upload their Fics. Any abuse of other members or authors will not be tolerated.

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Hmm... I see no Heresy here moving on.

Every time that I come across an old Chatoyance comment or story, I come here.

Ponies... space is not for you... It's for those who seek exploration, not domination! Your race will not converge another innocent race, they may have had war like humanity but it still does not make it right. Your rocket has ventured to where humanity reins supreme, a place that you can't effect because your not the first. Other races in the stars will hear of humanities past and say that it was not justified and will cry for vengeance of the human race! The protection of there race, the protection of the Universe!

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