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Welcome to the FimFiction group for The Conversion Bureau!

We have many many talented writers among us, and here is one of the many places we can share what tales and stories we can see in this scenario! We've been a community of friends and writers for almost a over several years now, and we plan to keep going!

Anyone is allowed to submit stories to the group, so have at it -- the only rule is that it has to be a TCB story! (That is, set in a world where Conversion Bureaus are a thing.)

The only reason we've gotten to be so big is because we always have more writers joining us out of the blue, so if you feel like you have an idea for a story, just write it down and post it. We'll try and give you constructive criticism to help you improve your writing skills and storymaking. From complete novices to fully fledged novelists, everyone is encouraged to participate.

We occasionally run writing events, so keep an ear out!

There are many folders (detailed below) and classification is up to the Author initially, but incorrectly-attributed stories may be moved or removed by a group admin.

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Stories by Universe: Stories by specific authors within settings of their own design. A myriad assortment of tales await within each of these unique settings.

Emergence Stories: Stories which feature the events surrounding the collision of Equestria and Earth, and the culture clash that results.

Conversion Bureau Experience: Stories that follow characters as they interact with the experience of undergoing Conversion or helping others do so.

Conversion Bureau Adventure: Stories featuring characters within the greater world of TCB, and what secrets the new, unified worlds might hold.

Post-TCB: Stories which explore the concept of a world after the events of a TCB setting have occurred.

Featured Stories: Stories which best display the talents behind the authors in the TCB universe go here. One per customer.

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Current Ponychan thread:
Conversion Bureau Wiki: Here (under construction)
Compilation post on Equestria Daily: Here
Midnight Shadow's TCB guide: Here
Midnight Shadow's Story Compilation Document: Here

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I just got a notification that a story was added to this group, so there must be someone who still cares about the group.

Not really. The creator of this group, Windchaser, hasn’t logged on Fimfiction since 2016. I’m not sure if there were even any admins except for him.

Looking through the folders, the date he last logged in matches up with the dates of the stories last added to folders.

Hell, the most recent story added seems to be Conversion Zebra added in 2017.

Not even Negotiations, which is seen as what TCB can peak as is added yet, it’s still in the pending approval folder:

Hiya. I don't expect to hear back on this for a while. I've heard about this universe before but couldn't really get into it. I want to see the original fanfiction that kicked off this universe and its endlessly expanding lore. Can anyone point me to the story that started it all?

Is this group 'alive'?
Just asking because I hope my story will not stay in the pending approval folder forever :twilightsheepish:

Hey can somebody make Conversion Bureau fiction
About xenolestia and her forces encounters the God Emperor of mankind from 40k?

thank goodness for that.

i have an idea for a story. anyone can use it as i cant write at all.

here it is: a sonic forces world where infinite realizes he is being used by egg man and joins sonic ending the war, however xenolestia arrives and a new war starts. with infinite spearheading the attack on canterlot.

The group seems dead.

I'm writing a TCB story.

Are there fics in which humanity wins by becoming better?

Hey I know new here. I have a idea for story but I'm a really poor writer and not sure if it's been done before. I can use a lot of help with it. Yes it's for the Conversion Bureau. More or less after a evil Princess Celestia takes over our world and the last human made new foal King Sombra has been fighting for us humans along with the elements of harmony.

what is the first story of the conversion bureau

Hey everyone I have an idea for a story. It involves the alien controversy in the united states and what the ponies would do if the US released alien soldiers on them to defend us. Message me if you want to write this because I'm not a writer.

409453 You're welcome!

Just another word of warning too, like Fallout: Equestria fanfics, don't be discouraged if you get alot of down-votes on a story as TCB has quite the hatedom. Or comments about people wanting to see the ponies die in various horrible ways.

But yeah, there's no one true 'verse/lore in TCB aside from the "people changing into ponies", so feel free to get creative with what you want to do, what time it is set in, what happens, that kinda thing! Just because many other prominent ones have a oft dystopian/dying Earth in the future setting doesn't mean you have to go that route either unless you want to! :twilightsmile:

409357 At it's core, it's just people turning into ponies, oft focusing on dealing with changes in their lives, exploration of identity, what really makes someone themselves, that kind of thing, with a bit of (ok, ALOT) wish-fulfillment thrown in. Often in many fics the world itself is undergoing changes, and so it explores what happens with that as well. All depends on who you ask really, it has many different 'verses and meanings to different people.

Another bit of note is that these fanfics have been around since the very first season of MLP: FiM, so naturally alot of stuff hasn't aged well, but then again how many fanfics have? Another thing is it's been rather dead in past years, aside from trollfics, Call of Duty: Humans Fuck Yeah and slaughterfics of zombie strawmares that crop up from time to time. Do take also note that some people get frothing mad about TCB fanfics, especially if you enjoy or write them (aside from the aforementioned trollfics and FPS in fanfic formats), and that over the span of FIVE years, there has been TOO much ideological drama over these over people changing into ponies (but still people, just in pony bodies) of all things!

That said, if you can somehow tiptoe around the smoldering wrecks of past flamewars, there's some enjoyable (if sometimes thought-provoking) gems lying around in the ashes. Again though, that's just if you ask me. :twilightsmile:

401740 How come they're not on FIMFiction? Can I place them there? I'll ask the writer on Equestria Daily for permission.

What is the name of the very FIRST Conversion Bureau story?

Said i wanted to make a BIG song about the Conversion Bureau and finally completed this. All the many credits are in the description and thanks to all those (musicians, artists, voice actors) who contributed and took part.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Hey guys, can I ask something?
I'm gonna make a TCB scenario for Plague Inc.: Evolved, and will give have three paths, for signifying three famous TCB stories (The Other Side of the Spectrum, Blaze's original unfinished and similar stories, and Dying Earth path)
If you guys got Steam, please help. PM me to know.
Now, back to topic with fimficitons...
Has anyone written a TCB story with the humans actually winning?

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