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The war is finally over. We ponies have lost. Our plan to convert humanity into ponies has failed. Hundreds of thousands are dead. Homes destroyed. Our nation is shattered and near annihilation. All because we underestimated humanity and their refusal to become like us.

I alone now hold the fate of my people in my hooves against the humans who want nothing more than to destroy us for the so called atrocities we have committed against them. I've lost my friends one way or another. My family. My fellow Princesses.

I have but one duty and that is, reluctantly, to see that we are shown mercy.

I'm just afraid of the cost. Or what I will learn from this.

Based on The Conversion Bureau series.

Pre-Read by bahatumay and Chaotic Note

Edited by Biker_Dash and wlam and Bemmo

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Yay for humanity!

We deserve to reign supreme over ALL Equestrias, wipe out/subjugate/oppresively assimilate Bureau Equestrias, and for a matter of fact, most of the rest of the multiverse.


This is how I always thought a Pony v Human war would end.

So how about a sequel or another chapter involving Celestia's execution and the elimination of the Equestrian resistance groups Applejack and Rainbow Dash joined? It's a good one-shot though.

Possible somewhere down the line. I wouldn't even be against others writing it if they want.

Bendy #6 · Nov 27th, 2015 · · 1 ·

A good story for a series of fan fiction in which Princess Celestia is out of character as hell.

Twilight Sparkle must be under passive mind control magic cast by TCB Celestia. Otherwise, I see her quickly seeing the evil of TCB Celestia and thus joins humanity to fight for their survival.


No! We are to prove ourselves better. Not to prove the TCB Ponies right. We more or less forgave the Germans after World War 2. Why not the TCB Ponies?

Granted, in TCB stories they may have killed even more humans. But forgiveness can lead to something more uplifting, that we can even forgive those that caused so much suffering and death.

Dang, you've completely changed my opinion on Princess Celestia.

Bendy #8 · Nov 27th, 2015 · · 1 ·


Princess Celestia of this story is not the Princess Celestia we know and love. She is Xenolestia, quite possibly one of the most evil alternate versions of her to ever exist.


I know. It's just that that I'll never see Princess Celestia in the same way again, because this story will always be tugging at the back of my mind.

Would appreciate a sequel or prequel to the story detailing either Lyras side of the story or what happened during the war.

Bendy #11 · Nov 27th, 2015 · · 3 ·


A good way to solve that is to read some human x Celestia romance. That's what I do everytime I read a Pro TCB story or TCB story in general.

Overall, the story is written rather well. I myself am not a fan of the Conversion Bureau (even though I love human-to-pony transformation stories) because of the heavy-handed "ponies GOOD humans EVIL" approach that is so endemic to the TCB universe. This is too bad, because the idea of humans volunteering for ponification is an interesting concept, and I am struggling with how to come up with a decent story to portray that idea in my own writing without it fitting into the TCB mold.

Normally I also don't care for the opposite (humans GOOD ponies EVIL), but really, that's not quite what this story is about. This is more taking the TCB concept and showing how foolish it really is. I can't believe I didn't even think of this aspect myself, that the absence of Equestria in their home world would mean no one moving the sun and moon. It's too easy to assume sometimes that Equestria is the entirety of its own world.

If this fic were not a response to the established TCB universe, I would be stating that the idea that Twilight would conveniently forget that they were the movers of the sun and moon all this time stretches my willing suspension of disbelief, but, well, you were handed lemons and you made some pretty good lemonade out of it.

Mr. Doyle shook his head and sighed. “Who's been controlling the sun and moon in your old world since you’ve been here?”

This... This part completely blew my mind. I've read quite a few TCB-fics but i never really thought about it! Those i've read were so focused on the crimes Celestia commited against humanity that i forgot about the poor sods stuck on Equestria! And here i thought i couldn't hate TCB-Celestia anymore than i already did. :twilightangry2:

Still like this fic though. It had good structure to it with a easy enough story to follow. Great work, ol' chap. :twilightsmile:

Bendy #14 · Nov 27th, 2015 · · 1 ·


Some TCB stories have a portal connecting to both worlds, so that won't be a issue.

However, it is somewhat insane (even for me) to imagine Equestria landing on top of Earth. That would cause a mass extinction event possibly even worse than the Permian–Triassic extinction event... if not all life being wiped out.

Of course magic could fix that... you know since its TCB we're talking about.

6674454 You are a pretty weak individual then. Read some positive stories then.


6674446 She's one of the most evil ANYTHINGS to grace any story, written or otherwise.

OMG…that was a great story

I love the ending :twilightsheepish:


Alright. Maybe I'm a little too hominidcentric (this species patriotism BTW expands to all our probably fictional relatives, such as elves, dwarves, faunus, Awoken, Exos, etc.). Still think that major political, economic, and civil sanctions should be leveled on any alien invader that seeks to assimilate humans by force and eradicate our society, in the event of a human victory. For example, a partitioning Germany-style into multiple areas that the UN or some other supranational organization deliberately picks to foster separatism/tribe divisions. I'd like to see a scenario where advanced human tech/culture, especially in the fields of medicine, science, written arts and lifestyle mixed with Equestrian magic is introduced to the new country...on the condition that humanity politically divide it. I'd probably put a Canterlot-Ponyville-Manehatten region in, Crystal Empire as an independent principality, a western region situated along the coast, Changeling independence in the Badlands (I'd suggest making Chrysalis the most powerful ruler on the continent BTW). Undiscovered West is ceded to UN, to administer as a wildlife preserve. UN regulates pegasai weather manipulation. We're attempting to build an economically prosperous, safe, modern society here with freedom of opportunity- but one that is militarily weak and divided to never threaten the international community again.

Notice how I'm not proposing mass executions and immigration sanctions. That creates a human vs. pony mentality. That is not what I'm aiming for. Pony vs. Pony is much better. I am of the opinion that Equestrian culture can actually benefit humanity to an extent. Excluding the vast majority of an entirely new culture from openly participating a globalized economy, culture, and cosmopolitan attitude is not right. In addition, Equestrians attending excellent institutes of higher learning in human nations will foster unity between the two sapient species, greater understanding and native modification of human practices, and pro-humanism among ponies who choose to return to their homeland. Each carved out region will in a short time, be able to fully participate in the UN, and non-UN political or economic treaty, provided it does not end with a goal or provide the means for Equestrian political and military unification.

Gender dichotomies and what is probably a more tolerant place for alternative gender identities and sexual attitudes in Equestria makes a very nice place for SJWs that survive a Bureau War to emigrate to.

All this hinges, of course, on the Equestria ISOTed to Earth being warlike and Bureau-oriented. Peaceful, baseline Equestrias will simply be included in our international community and modernized where Celestia and the other leaders of the country see fit.

Any Equestria that attempts to destroy any valuable piece of humanity (ISIS, SJWs, KKK, and other hate groups not included) won't be eradicated. Anything good coming out of a war like that is predicated upon a concrete, unshakeable, resounding human victory.

Couldn't normal unicorns and the rest do this? I mean who did this before Celestia and Luna?

It's possible, but having had them do it for so long would they even know how to do it? Having had Celestia and Luna for so long it is possible that they have forgotten how to do it. And it's always been "Equestria's" job, not another country's.

Bendy #21 · Nov 27th, 2015 · · 2 ·


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for making the TCB Ponies pay for their crimes. Bury our dead they killed and if need be hold them at gunpoint and force them to undo the damage they did. Rebuild our homes and use their fancy magic to feed hungry humans.

The road for humanity's forgiveness would be a long one, but if they behave themselves we could give them a second chance.

Well that's the point of this in a way, to give them that chance to make peace and repent. Problem is that there would be just as many if not more that would be okay with total global end of the Equestria. Not Ponies, just Equestria. After all, some ponies did help Humanity in the war as stated below, Lyra and her gang.

6674624 There's a book that says 12 unicorns a day lost their magic to even do this. So... it would be hard regardless.

I have to ask though... why did you actually write this story... The main reason. Was it your dislike of the Buraeu or something else?

I'm a Pro-Human guy, I won't lie. I also do this thing where I give practices to myself based on whatever scenarios I can think of (I also give it to others) to write for practice. I like this one I gave myself so I decided to publish it.


That was a cool touch. Their organization don't seem to have a name in this though.

However, in redskin122004's story there's a group Pro Human group called the PHL: Ponies for Human Life. Such sort of groups are very rare in TCB (even among ATCB), because the most Pro TCB stories have 100% of the ponies against humanity.

There are actually three groups (names I can't remember) in the entire universe from what I reacall. But one is ponies trying to stop the Conversions. One is humans doing the same thing but more terrorist like activity. And one is humans trying to force humans into the Conversions.

I must say, this is a brilliant interpretation of the TBC AU

great googly boogly, iv'e got a benthos, this was amazing!

6674658 To be honest I published a thread recently on the matter of posting "fixfics" and "spitefics" as in writing to correct or because you don't like something. I kinda want to think that people should write more about things they actually love writing and not simply because something ticked them.

Bendy #30 · Nov 27th, 2015 · · 2 ·


A brief rundown.

The first would be just humans and what's left of the world's governments fighting against the ponies.

The Human Liberation Front... Pro Human crazies that want every last pony dead. Though, for what the ponies had done to them, they are understandably angry.

Ponification for Earth's Rebirth. Hardcore misanthropes that don't drink the potion to transform themselves into ponies, because they feel they are unworthy. Basically infiltrator units to cause havoc among the civilian population. To top it off newfoals don't attack them nor force them to become ponies.

Oh I love writing Pro-Human stories. I have a whole bunch of ideas for them.

6674726 I'm all for pro-human stories truly but... I dunno I'm more pro-changeling stories tbh.

6674479 Being a "response to the TCB universe" isn't an excuse because it is nothing of the sort. TCB wasn't a situation where Celestia deliberately abandoned Equestria in order to conquer other universes and certainly not a situation where Twilight Sparkle knew that was what they were doing. This fic is a culmination of a process by which anti-TCB has mutated away from actually being a response to TCB and instead became a response just to itself with no relevance to the actual conversion bureau stories. The early anti-TCB stories were actually kind of interesting and compelling in pointing out that there was something unsavoury about expecting people to become so much better because they were turned into ponies

But this kind of story is culmination of a process by which each subsequent story has added to a mountain of accusations against Celestia to the point of absurdity, and it's just...awful and nonsensical. You know how awful and nonsensical it is? It makes Celestia literally worse than Hitler. And by extension, it makes Twilight Sparkle too dumb to live. The only thing this story is relevant to is other anti-TCB stories. Taken on it's own it makes no sense. There's no way that Twilight Sparkle could not know what happens to Equestria without Celestia or that newfoals can't breed, or that newfoals are pathetic zombies. The characterization in this story makes no sense at all, not just in terms of canon, or the TCB alternate setting...but in terms of itself.

I would've liked to see a wee bit more subtly. What you have here works, sure, but it works the same way a pneumatic drill works on a canvas: Violently obvious statements. A character does or feels something, and then it's instantly explained in full as if we're reading the script cliff notes. Or perhaps a synopsis of what would have been a great 20k word one shot.

The premise is sound, and you fit a character arc in here somehow, which is admirable if nothing else.

"I love Celestial!! :D"

"But she did a bad :/"


Well I say 'arc'. More laserguided missile path.

Bendy #35 · Nov 27th, 2015 · · 2 ·


Ahem... http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheRightOfASuperiorSpecies

That's one of the big reasons. Many people don't like pro xenocide and slavery. Funny, isn't it?

Also... in Pro TCB is is really hard to see the ponies as heroes.

Instead of using their amazing overpowered magic to actually save humanity and Earth. They use said powers to murder us all and transform us into newfoals. (and some stories humans become basically teletubbies that look like ponies)

Topped off with almost every Pro TCB story ending with humanity dead.

THANK YOU, I always hated the conversion stories with a burning passion mainly due to the fact how OOC it makes the cast of ponies I know and love act like such fucking monsters.

Honestly can anyone even imagine the kind and benevolent Celestia declaring war on a nation just because of a past history of violence. I mean if that was true then there would be no dragons, no Griphons, no yaks etc. I mean the Celestia and the mane 6 they use in most of these stories are just the characters in name only and with bad OC personalities

Um, if that's true don't you hate the fic then?


My favorite kind of these stories is where the Canon Ponies and Canon Celestia knock the shit out of the TCB Ponies.

Ah, yet another group of fanatics who think it a good idea to kick the hornet's best that is Humanity.

Take a number and have a seat, we'll be with you shortly.


The only Conversion story I actually like. :pinkiehappy: Didn't take Twilight long to figure out that she was more than willing to let their old world die just so they wouldn't have any predators or any ounce of competition.

Black hearted witch. :twilightangry2:

Celestia is Satan, hitler and every evil thing in existance

Nice, you should write a sequel to this, this is one of your best yet, other then your Assassinverse Stories.

6674789 well the way you did it, it was only told from twilight;s POV and toward the end she showed signs of her cannon personality, also I love to read fan fics where the Converstion ponies lose, it doesn't even have to be humans who beat them they just need to lose. I once read a fic where the daleks kicked their asses

I find it highly unlikely Twilight didnt know she had left her homes survival to the chance of them winning the war. Or that she was unaware the sun or moon had been left up...

Come to think of it, an eternal night would be preferable to a certain symbiotic being. Maybe Celestia left Equestria to Nightmare and went to persue her desires of an ultimate utopia on Earth?

6674795 I know i love those stories but i cant find too many of them

You realize we are talking about the same Twilight who forgot her five friends names in Canterlot right? She may have a great "memory" but she always misses something important that's right in front of her.

You wouldnt leave home for a holiday without locking the door, right? Its like if you went out and realized you left the cooker turned on. The lives of billions is not something you simply forget about when you have the status of a Princess.

Your subjects are your responsibility. Twi wasnt a ruler, but she had duties involving the well being of her people. I dont see how she could never have worked it out.

This is... just really, really good.


This... This part completely blew my mind.

I was particularly fond of that part myself, it's a real kick in the gut. It's more than just the end of the world as they know it... and nobody feels fine.

Being a relative newbie on FiMFiction, it is quite possible I am missing a lot of nuances to the whole TCB/anti-TCB debate. It also may be possible that out of the TCB fics I have attempted to read, I just happened to pick the worst written of the lot. The TCB concept seems to be a bit of a sliding window, where different authors have taken different approaches concerning how Equestria wound up on Earth, Celestia's attitude towards Earth and humans, etc. I'll be perfectly honest and admit that I harbor a bit of a bias due to my aforementioned dislike of some of the core tenets of the TCB concept.

I definitely agree that Celestia is being presented in a very harsh light here, and quite OOC with what one generally would expect of her. The problem is that my experience has been that many characters from the original canon have been forced into OOCness for the sake of telling the TCB tale, so I approached this story with that expectation in mind. I actually don't mind canon characters being portrayed differently than the show, otherwise what would be the point in alternate universe or parody fics, but sometimes the difference is so stark for no good apparent narrative reason other than as a plot device to push the story along.

You make some good points about Twilight's characterization in the story. Again, I have a feeling some of it is picked up from TCB stories (and I have indeed read ones where Twilight is indeed depicted similar to this story). I still think the story is well-written enough to warrant my upvote and likely will not be changing that, but I can see where you're coming from.

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