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"You think you know me..."


On her way to Canterlot High for her music club, Octavia meets Vinyl Scratch and is annoyed by the music blasting from her headphones. After getting yelled at, Vinyl responds by making odd gestures with her hands. It turns out, Vinyl Scratch is deaf, and she feels music instead of listening to it. Feeling ashamed, Octavia wishes to make it up to her, but is surprised by Vinyl's request.

Commissioned by Dashole

Pre-read by ZOMG and MrMinimii

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Rated Ponystar, you never disappoint me!
Even for a f/f story (sorry guys, I feel more comfortable if it's a straight ship...)

Rats. I always thought it was Mare/Mare.
Thanks for the heads up!

Definitely an interesting take on why Vinyl never talks and a cute fic to boot.

Amazing story. Loved the concept behind it

I had a very similar idea with vinyl i just did not know what to do with it

Octav3 is best shipping!!! :heart:

Great story, I realy enjoyed it. I listen to music the same way even though I'm not deaf and I found this to be an interesting concept to have for Vinyl.

This is a good story.

Hey, just to make sure... can Vinyl read lips? Because a lot of the people she interacted with didn't use sign language and just spoke to her like she wasn't deaf at all. And that's pretty amazing if she could do something like that!

Anyway, it was a nice short story featuring my two favorite musicians and it had a interesting twist in it.

Yes she can read lips the thing though is she had to use sign language those times that she didn't have a notebook to communicate with

Cute! Thanks for sharing.

. Great Story!!!!! Can ya write a sequel?

Nope. No commission can have a sequel. Part of my rules.

5465655 Oh darn. This was awesome. What if someone else commissioned a sequel? :P

Sometimes the systems will recognize a phone number by the way its written, but no, its not. Any number that is ***-555-**** is fake. Hollywood does it all the time.
Still can't happen

5466034 Dangit. I guess someone will just have to make one themselves then. I know I would if I knew how to go about doing such.

5466034 uh, not true, 555 numbers are reserved for directory assistance and information in North America http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/555_%28telephone_number%29 which is why it's used so often by hollywood, you can't accidentally dial a private line with it, but you can in some cases reach an actual information line.

Not bad at all. More of this pairing is always a good thing.

This story felt really rushed. We had Octavia thinking that Vinyl was lying for no reason (I'll be a bit more lenient with this one since people in bad moods and jump to bad conclusions), Vinyl and Lyra being friends but Octy apparently never heard about Vinyl before despite Vinyl and Lyra being close, Vinyl asking her out for no reason (she could have at least said she simply thought Octavia was pretty), very little detail on the date itself and even less detail on why Octavia really enjoyed it, and then just her agreeing to a second one. It seemed like the story started with this forgone conclusion that they'd end up together and the reasons why weren't important. The whole thing came off as more of an outline for a story rather than an actual story.

That being said the writing itself was good. No glaring issues on the technical side and the prose flowed pretty well.

Cute fic hope to see more fics from u in the future

this is a great Idea!! and I love it? it did feel just a bit rushed, but I would love!!!! to see more chapters on this!!!!

Well, it's an interesting twist, but it's still OctaScratch, so I don't like it at all, thank you very much.

Actually, I honestly wasn't crazy about this. It's just not a good ship, and it never feels like it works.

5468401 Then why the Buck are you here?

Did you really use "buck" instead of "fuck"? Is that a thing you actually just did?


In any case, I'm here because Ponystar is normally a good author. In this case I was disappointed. I am obligated to tell him so, and why.

short n sweet

5468480 Just because he wrote a shipfic you don't ship? You need more they that dude!

Found an error

Before she knew it, Octavia was being dragged to the dance square, holding hands with Octavia.

Octavia is holding hands with herself:derpytongue2:

That's an interesting twist on Vinyl's character - one I can honestly say I like. I kinda wish there was more to it than this, but sometimes one-shot tales are the ones that carry the most impact.

No, I don't. The characters have no character, and there is no growth or definition of them over the course of the story. They're gimmicks, not people. That's a bit of a problem for a story that is exclusively about two characters and their interactions.

Plus I really just think OctaScratch is a dumb ship.

5468790 I stopped paying attention halfway through that comment.

Enough, conversation over.

This story. I like it. ANOTHER!

What are you going to do, delete everyone's comments? Because I'm sure the drama mamas would positively lose their shit if you did.

Why? What is your issue? I'm genuinely confused.

5469132 Hi, Mr. Confused! Can I call you Genuinely?

5464272 Don't worry. We'll have an author (maybe even Rated Ponystar) who will corrupt you yet.

Ahh, I get it. I see now.

The day Rated Ponystar will disappoint me is the day Cotton Hill gets his shins back.

5469611 I meant turn you to the dark side that is f/f ships.

5469248 That pun was horrible and you should feel horrible for making it.

Please ignore the fact that I'm currently typing this through gales of laughter and that I have severe rug burns from rolling across the carpet.

5468401 I say the same about many ships that involve Rainbow Dash, but that's usually just because she gets on my nerves.

As a guy who is blind in one eye (long story... short version is it's an affliction, not something I was born with), and still soldiering on, I've gained a huge amount of determination to not look at people with aspects to them, whatever they might be, as "gimmicks" as you put it in another of your comments.

Don't gotta be an ass just because you don't like a ship. Just don't read it. And if you don't like the "gimmick" then go to the hospital and tell all those people there with missing limbs or handicaps to stop being so petulant, you fucking ungrateful whore. My eye's condition was so bad last year I went from being able to drive to unable to see oncoming traffic in a single day. But I joked about it and soldiered on. I got surgery. I'm still recovering. Eye still hurts so bad it's always red and I'm always crying, and candles are sometimes too bright for me. I end up wearing sunglasses everywhere not to look cool like some losers my age, but rather because without them people look at me like I'm some poor dog with its foot caught in the door jamb. I used to avoid eye contact with people who had disabilities, because I didn't want to offend them for being "different." Now I am someone with a disability. I don't care for your calling someone who's deaf a "gimmick." It's shameful. So please, do me a favor, and learn some decency. I had to learn it the hard way, maybe you won't have to.

Favourite ship, I am impressed and delighted. :pinkiehappy:

5469672 I think he was referring to Vinyl and Octavia being background ponies when he said they were gimmicks.

I enjoyed the premise of the story, and the execution was well done. However, you made an error in the second half of this story that really killed the story for me. Scratch is supposed to be deaf, but see seems to be able to hear others just fine, but can't speak. These are the symptoms of a mute person, not a deaf person. Other then that it was a good story.

What the fuck do missing limbs have to do with me not liking a story on the internet?

What the honest fuck?

The deafness is a gimmick, written in in lieu of actual character development. If you actually think that was some kind of attack against deaf people, you have a victim complex, and you should seek counseling before somebody punches you in your half-blind dickish face.

That's not an attack against blind people, that's me saying you're a self-centered prick who feels the need to garner sympathy despite fooling himself into believing he's "soldiering on."

Fuck you. You personally. You are why nobody respects the people with actual disabilities, and assumes they're faking it: because everyone assumes they're an obnoxious militant shit like you, who cries "victim" at every possible opportunity.

Fuck. You.

Looks at the comments.

I'll come back after the fires are out, and it's safe to enter.

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