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This story is a sequel to The Royal Ponyville Orchestra

It's Octavia and Vinyl's wedding day, three of Equestria's princesses will be in attendance, and things couldn't be better for the long-suffering couple. Of course, with it being Octavia's wedding day, it would be stranger if things went right.

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This is really good! :pinkiehappy:

I might check out the prequel aswell.

4620449 Fair warning, the first few chapters of RPO are kind of rough. I edited them a bit, but I still don't think they have the quality of later chapters.

Just couldn't let them have a normal wedding could you? Vinyl's solution was really cute though.

A great installment.

4621166 If I let them have a normal wedding, then I couldn't write about it.

That was very good stuff:yay:

Star Trek Reference?

4627304 Indeed, it's a sci-fi film series in Equestria, known for it's particularly outlandish vision of the future where magic has supplanted technology and the idea that there is a universe outside of the Equestrian firmament. Vinyl, being totally into technology dragged Octavia to a marathon screening of all twenty films over the course of a week. Octavia was not amused.

"‘Cause you know it’s not a story, right? Like, real life doesn’t have neat little resolutions, and sometimes the timing of things isn’t right. That’s just how life is.”

One of the most profound lines in this fic. Thinking about this line makes me happy. :twilightsmile:

Fantastic wedding! This was perfect for the two! You seriously are among the best for their interactions. Your Octavia has do much more depth than others and isn't bogged down by stereotypical ideas. Perfect balance of what is expected and some crazyness.

4657197 Thanks for the kind words, it always brightens my day to hear someone say I do something well. As for the line, I was actually worried that it was a touch too on-the-nose. It felt like I was having the characters turn and wink at the audience, so the fact you liked it makes me feel better about the decision to keep it in. Also, I am curious to hear why you found it to be 'profound' mainly because I don't think anything I do could be considered profound. Anyways, always glad to read a comment, hope to hear more from you. :pinkiehappy:

4657405 Perhaps profound was too strong? The subtle touch to the audience was great though and adds even more that we can relate to. :twilightsmile:

Cause you know it’s not a story, right? Like, real life doesn’t have neat little resolutions, and sometimes the timing of things isn’t right. That’s just how life is.”

She is saying that real life isn't perfect. It doesnt go as planned. She is telling this to Tavi because she is worried about her Pie gene. So we have a character in a story with a perfect ending telling another character that she shouldn't be worrying about their lives being a story because stories have perfect endings. Super inception stuff right there. Idk if I even explained it well... I just liked it damn it!!!!:flutterrage:

4657484 Ha! As long as it made you smile or laugh, I feel I did my job. Now back to writing Octavia and Vinyl fighting.

Okay, this may sound stupid but what order, after The Royal PonyVille Orchestra, do all of the sequels go in? I started reading this one and either I missed something in TRPO or I may be reading these out of order. I don't want to spoil any of the stories by that.

4733522 Order is:
Princess Luna's Academy (Side story)
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose (Dark, might want to skip if you want light and fluffy)
Weirdly Wed
Foal Fever

Poor fourth wall. It receives enough abuse from Pinkie already!

I just couldn't resist saying something at this: "Still, is it too much to ask for a proper climax?"
Good night, everypony!
- Headwind

4908918 Hooray for wordplay! On the upside, the story does end with a proper and satisfying climax for Tavi.

4909442 I'll say it does! :raritywink:
- Headwind

I love your work.

Praise Cthuhlu for fingers

Alright I really am sorry I didn't listen to you again... actually I'm not, because this one was actually pretty good. I mean I guessed Vinyl's big reveal even before Vinyl even saw Tavi the first time, but it was still enjoyable. Also the references to the previous story would have gotten me to read it if I hadn't already. Anyway, I gotta give this one some love so it can have an upward facing thumb.

I'll see you at the next chapter. Oh and I also kind of guessed where Lyra and Bon Bon would be honeymooning back in RPO. Okay bye.

Just wanted to remind you that this needs an update to match the change from A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose to Bachelorette Bon-Ding. Still a fun story, though!

5585183 Oh... shoot! Let's just say a big time thing happened or whatever. Anyways, glad you enjoyed. Hopefully, you check out my big project now: Princess Luna's Academy. It's more character than plot focused, so hopefully that interests you a lot.

Obsidion portal. Really. :facehoof:

It’s a Kobayashi Mareu

I'm guessing that Octavia never took the Kobayashi Mareu Test before? Well, here's hoping that her solution works just as well as Spock's solution did!

“And I know she loves you more than anything, she was willing to…”

It was then, i realized what Vinyl planned.

Yup, that was sweet, ONWARDS!

And i though Sweetie had started her decent at this point, explain?

6803865 This was written a year before I'd plotted all that out. I'll say she's pretty good at faking being normal.

“Inverted knee joint,” I said as I put my hands on her back and pushed myself up. “I was thinking the same thing. I am no stranger to standing on two legs, but figuring out just how these knees work is difficult.”

why does everyone do this, it's not a knee, it's just their ankle is far higher then ours

7344101 In my defence, I was dumb when I wrote this and didn't properly know my equine biology.

7346105 i honestly wouldn't mind so much if i didn't see it so often :derpytongue2:

Guess what I got Donna, POCKETS!

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