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This story is a sequel to The Royal Ponyville Orchestra

With a filly on the way, Vinyl's started dreaming about her glory days as Equestria's premier DJ. A mysterious potion offers her a chance to feel young again, and with Vinyl's youth restored, Octavia suddenly finds herself having to figure out how to raise a teenager, a teenager who is also her wife, and wants nothing more than to hop in bed with Octavia. If only she could have a drink.

This story is something of a special project. I aim to write, edit, and publish a story a day. The rules are simple, each chapter must be written and edited in one day, and I must publish an update every day. I have gifted myself a five day backlog to allow for days where I am completely unable to write due to travel, work, or illness. If I fail my challenge, I will still try to do two chapters in one day, and if I fail that, I will just try to carry on and make sure there are as few failed days as possible. Hopefully, I will see you at the end of the month with a flawless record behind me.

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The name dream served a vital role in making sure a pony’s name related in some way to their special talent.

This is a brilliant idea! I am totally going to steal it and spread it to others!

4626982 Thanks, I knew I occasionally had a good idea or two. It seemed like the best way to justify how very perfectly a pony's name correlated with their special talent.

4626992 I gotta agree, this is a brilliant addition to my headcannon :pinkiehappy:
Also looking forward to next chapter.

Ah, can't wait to see the next chapter! This is looking pretty good already.

Hello Distaff, have you heard of the theory that Octavia and Vinyl are sisters? *As many of romance fics shatter*:pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild:

Good luck with your challenge!

This should be interesting.

4627914 I've not heard that theory, but even if the show blatantly contradicts me and has an episode all about how they are totally sisters, that will not affect this universe in the slightest.

4628052 They will never have an episode featuring that, love or not. Hasbro do not feel like dealing with anti-gays. There are to many.

4628128 Technically, the episode would only deal with the fact that Octavia and Vinyl are sisters. Obviously, I wasn't expecting them to have an episode about gay relationships, and the idea of them having an entire episode revolving around the fact that two ponies who never appeared on screen together were actually sisters is rather outlandish as well. All I was trying to say was even if the theory that Vinyl and Tavi are sisters was made canon, it wouldn't change anything about this story-verse.

4627953 Thanks! I'm looking forward to testing myself. Hopefully, the result is at least readable.

4628353 True. Just a thought that you my find interesting.

4629070 Well, I certainly find it interesting, and would be happy to read a story about their sisterly connection. :twilightsmile:

4629103 I got one, it coming. Not right now, but it's the way.

Don't drink that--

Oh, too late. Whatever. I wonder how Lyra will mess with hat paw?

Love the way you characterize Trixie! As for Vinyl...I wonder how she'll screw this up?

4632428 her reckless teenage mind might try to chug the potion.

She didn't notice Vinyl's newfound youth instantly?

...Bah, who am I to talk? I can't tell the difference between a teenager and a 30 year old :ajbemused:

4636904 Well, right now she looks the same, she is just energetic. Besides, Tavi's mental state made noticing whatever was off about the mare currently caressing her kind of difficult.

Why do i get the felling that vinyl is going to drink more that what she should.

4637745 :scootangel: What? That's... that's just crazy. How would you even think something like that? Vinyl is a paragon of responsibility.

My ass she is about as responsible as pinkie pie hiped up on sugar.

I think Woodhoof is gonna die at some point

4638478 I knew what you meant, but I wanted to be all evasive and such. It would be no fun to say Woodhoof dies in chapter 17, that would just be a huge let down for everyone involved.

4639538 As was I. Obviously I wouldn't give away massive spoilers. I'm also bad at using emotes to convey levity and such.

4639576 im Starstream vinyl scratch is my fave pony

Trixie is in for an earful.

4641983 Good thing Vinyl signed that waver... kind of.

Trixie needs to run, pregnant mares are scary!

I'm... guessing that the whole 'raising a teenager' is going to occur because of the monkey's paw. (Cause I only see a foal on the way so far.)

Vinyl's going to guilt trip after all this is fixed.

Secret Alicorn confirmed; Woodhoof is an Alicorn angel/demon, cursed by their great-grandmother to serve them.(Just a thought)

Trixie, you dumbass. Potions are for young idiots, not married folk.

Vinyl's goin get bitch slapped by her wife.

Does it really have to be a chapter per day? Can't it be like 2 or 5? :scootangel:
*sigh* I love it too much for my own good... :unsuresweetie:

4650773 Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger, but they are just... perfect stopping points.

Vinyl certainly is a teenager

4651409 That she is, and she was a particularly hormonal teenager as well. Rather unfortunate for Tavi.

Vinyl reminds me of my friends when I was younger.

What are the odds Octy's water breaks on this trip?

4655804 She's at nine months, a typical equine gestation period is eleven months, so hopefully pretty low.

Holy buck I didn't know you made a sequel!!! This is the best news like all fucking month!

Wonderful fic and superb interactions between the two music ponies. I can't wait to see more of moldy!!!!

4656072 Don't forget to read Weirdly Wed and Princess Luna's Academy (If you haven't already), and if you enjoy darker fics, check out A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose

wow, teenage vinyl is a thunder cunt.

That drink is going to be drugged and Vinyl's gonna make a mistake. Why? Because she is a dumb teenager right now. That's why.

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