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That She-Ra Fanfic is Published · 11:48pm Sep 29th, 2020

Chapter one and the prologue are out. Chapter two is written. Chapter three is being written. If you want to see Catra be She-ra and a much more emotionally damaged She-ra at that, maybe click the link: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Distaff_Pope/works

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Thanks for the fave! Don't forget to rate and comment!

Thanks. Feel free to message me whenever. Having someone to talk with/cheerleader couldn't hurt things. :twilightblush:

I understand that telling you to hurry accomplishes nothing. I just hope that when you do make progress on that front you at least post a link on your blog or something! Pony related or not, I want to read more of your work. :twilightsmile:

Sadly, there isn't much to report. I have about 100,000 words, more or less, I'm working to apply to grad school, so these short stories are kind of my main project right now, and I hope I'll enter a creative streak soon and stop letting myself get so distracted. I will say if you're a fan of characters kind of sort of similar to Trixie AND my usual penchant for heaping out psychological damage, you'll be pretty happy, I think.

Any update on the progress of that novel?
Where will we be able to find it when you do publish it?

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