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Exactly as it says on the tin--welcome to the Prompt-a-Day group!
We have one goal and one goal only: one new prompt, posted every single day.
They'll be simple, they'll be vague, they might even be absolutely ridiculous. But whatever gets the creative juices flowing, that is what we hope to deliver!

How will this work, more exactly? Easy. I'll start a new thread (so don't disable them notifs, yo) with the prompt and likely a suggested word goal and/or limit. These are merely for those who like having a specific goal to go with an idea; don't take them too seriously, or too literally--if you can answer a prompt in ten words, do so. The choice is yours. Take the idea and run with it however you may. For prompts you reply with 2000 words or less, feel free to respond in the thread with your entry. And go ahead and post them to the site as well! Everyday I'll post a new thread with a new prompt. I've got a big stash of 'em, so don't worry about me running out anytime soon. Still, we would love your suggestions, so shoot those on over to us!

Remember: the purpose of these prompts is simply to help those in need (or even if you don't need it!) by jump starting the creative impulse. These are not contests. These are not being done in the goal of having a collection of responses on FiMFiction. This is simply a tool I am putting up to better assist my fellow authors.

We have just a few rules:
1. Don't start any new threads without permission from Peregrine Caged. Threads are entirely reserved for prompts and prompts alone.
2. Yes, you may totally post your response to a prompt in the thread itself and on your own profile--in fact, we encourage this!
3. Got a prompt? PM it to us or drop it off in our suggestion thread (stickied at the top)! You will be credited for your suggestion.
4. Just because a prompt has passed doesn't mean you can't take it. We'll be leaving all the prompts up, so take a gander. Good inspiration never really dies.
5. Less a rule and more a humble request; if we inspired you to write something, give us a shout out! Spread the word--this is a tool we want to offer all writers, and word of mouth/fingertips is the best advertising. If you publish it on the site, a nifty link in your description would be much appreciated.

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347617 yeah, and I really need to start looking at how long ago comments were posted :twilightsheepish:

Yeah. I found it a while ago. I wasn't used to the new icons and got confused. I didn't realise at the time that the thing at the top saying how many stories there are was the button. Thanks anyway, 'cause most people wouldn't bother answering.

~ Decaf

340264 if you go to the folder you want your story in, there'll be an add story button on the right side of the top of the folder. It's green. (Yes, even on your iPod. I'm on my iPhone right now.) story button should be under the group title.

Welp, can't help you there.

I'm on my iPod. I don't think there's a story button on the mobile version of this site.

If you click on the stories button up there, you'll see I've had the first pair of folders chilling for some time now, simply awaiting some input.

Is there a stories folder? You know, for the stories people write..? We should have one, in my opinion. How else will people find the stories based on these prompts? Just putting it out there...

Heres something id like to ask all who have seen my little pony iv seen all episodes but i wanna to ask i like it its funny and the characters have potential, animation and acting are good but i Hate the sappy, friendship, harmony, together stuff if their are others like that id like to chat with ya

Well, this seems interesting...

Okay! :pinkiehappy: Let's do this! :rainbowdetermined2:

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