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This is a group for anyone who likes Sweetie Belle! This is only for Sweetie Belle fics.

I will not allow any type of foalcon. Any posting of fics that feature that will result in immediate ban.
Please be nice in the comments! AKA: No swearing, name calling, etc....
Sweetie Belle must be the main focus of the story or a significant side character. Sweetie Belle tag is recommended.
Please only post your story once in the folder it fits the most. If you are unsure, email me a summery of your story.
Have Fun!
Banning System:
Any posting of foalcon will receive an immediate ban
First Rule break = 1 Warning
Second Rule break = 2 Warning
Third Rule break = Ban
Special circumstances might defy the rules

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Alone Chapter 3 will be coming out tomorrow! Sorry it took so long!

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