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The title says it all.

STORIES AND RULES: I'm pretty easygoing, there isn't really any set rules for the group, but with stories, well, all I can say is please watch what you post if you have a story. We don't want anything terrible happening to the best pony now, do we? I won't remove stories, however, admins do have the power to remove any story they see as not fit for the group. Whether or not a story belongs in here is entirely up to the admin(s). Anyways, thank you all who have joined for your support! I really appreciate it.


Sweetie Belle's birthday games A group about Sweetie Belle and birthday games! I highly suggest joining.

-SweetAI Belle

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New Sweetie Belle/Rara story. It's always been one of my favorite relationships in the show, and I was kind of disappointed that Sweetie Belle wound up staying in town in the show. "Everybody Dupes" is my attempt at what a good "going away" plot might look like involving Sweetie Belle.

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I love sweetie Belle. My story even has her featured in two chapters so far. one published and the other being worked on.

Mini Marshmallow.

What do you mean "One of?" Sweetie Belle is the best pony!!!

Sweetie Belle is one of the best ponies.

Sweetie Belle! You are the best pony!!

Another group about me being best pony? I'm never sure how to react to those...

--Sweetie Belle

Your Nightmare Moon has no power here

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