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All stories must feature the two together.

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Comment posted by Heavy Mole deleted May 2nd, 2023

393005 good episode. plenty of fun, evenif it wasn't actually commedic. Maybe that is the best of it.
Then we see plenty of fun with Sweetie Belle ..

392806 yah...it was the sister-hooves social episode.:duck::heart::unsuresweetie:

392788 There may be room for a few more characters in the story. I haven't even desided on how large the scene is.

On the other hoof, maybe I could entertain the idea for the next story as well. Rarity is fasinating, not just a beautiful fashionista. Can't see herliving without Sweetie Belle. As much as she my have tried or thought she could at one time or the other. Wasn't there an episode where they thought they could live without one-another?

392787 I have read a few based and a few with it as a side, they are usually really good, if you write one I would love to read it.

392785 oh, based and centered around the ship.

Tweaking the canon in order to make Sweetie Belle into Rarity's Daughter shouldn't be too hard. They have the age difference to go with it. Rarity does act like a Mother more than a Sister to her in the first place.

Maybe i could make a story on he premice later.

392782 by based I mean the story is about the ship, like dear sweetie belle weather it follows main canon story line or throws it to the winds doesn't matter to me.

392771 In the situation, Ship as in Realation. Family and friendships.
As to the other Ship, like the one in my story is a vehicle, crafted to move through space.

Oh, the silly typo?

Rarity and Sweetie Belle in a relation of Mother and Daughter, rather than the canonical Sisterhood as a ship.

Based, in what way or manner? Based in Canon?

392619 "hip"? if you mean "ship" then I prefer based stories but I also read a lot of other stories with things like that in it. if you mean "hip", then I don't know how to respond.

392611 They have the relation, but technically, they are Canonically sisters.

The best I can do at this point is to create a group for your 'Ship'.

Just curious, how much of the ship does it take in the story for you to enjoy it?

May be enjoying to ask a few more questions along the way later.

392541 I joined several vampire sites, but the closest I have found to a m/d group is "mlp: motherhood is magic" and they don't have any mother-rarity/daughter-sweetie stories.

392540 Have you even found a M/D group?

From your ID, I have the impression you need a Vampire group too? the best I saw is the Flutterbat group, I think they have at least one in her honour.

392537 Mind?
Why would I mind?
Even if they maybe Sisters in Canon, they still live as if they were Mother and Daughter.
I doubt there are enough Mother/Daughter groups, or even folders for it at the groups it is even supported.

392062 i would like that, if you wouldn't mind?

337488 I feel I have to agree, the image of the Two snuggling up together certainly is cute.
363873 Sounds as if we need a special folder for this type of stories.
304768 Sounds like a Cuteness Overload? yet, who could possibly resist?

374090 I forgot I even commented on this page. I still think they are cute.

337488 Indeed. They have probably the best sister dynamic on the show.

Pinkie Pie and Maud takes second place, because we only saw it in one episode. But the two of them had a good polar opposites bond.

Applejack and Apple Bloom have a dynamic that's usually a little too perfect, and with the exception of some episodes, they usually don't do much with it.

As for Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, the two of them barely interact, so they don't really have a sister dynamic to work with. At least on the show.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle have had some very good episodes devoted to their bonding. And it's probably one of the show's crowning achivements.

um...any mother/daughter stories?

how much do they have to be in the story?
since I figured they had to have a scene, where they are actually in the same room.

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