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Room Service: Pony Up · 11:18am Dec 13th, 2021

This adventure is a sequal of Room Service, which makes it the third instalation in the series.

Time to Pony Up; done the suit, and become the best Pony Girl you can be.

Sorry, the Leather is discarded, in favour of less traditional materials.

However; it is supposed to be more comfortable than the old leather; just as it is so much more intimate, slipping into this Modern tack.

I hope you enjoy, what Queen Chrysalis is becoming; turning into the CEO of the Royal Twilight Inn.

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Thanks for the watch and the fave on Luna's little Rose. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow

Thanks for the fave.

Morn morn, how's the neigh?

Comment posted by TheKMExperience deleted Oct 8th, 2021
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