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A Plague Rat


After losing her hive, Queen Chrysalis is forced to start another one. Luckily she has the help of a few loyal subjects who never accepted their fellow changelings new way of life. They must stay hidden from enemies, collect enough food to survive and rebuild their strength. Now the first brood has hatched and there is something very different about one of the larva.

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Very interesting. Especially for your first story.

4 updates in 1 day? That's a solid pace

Can’t wait to see where this leads to!

Keep up the good pace!

This deserves to be popular, just the kind of story i've been looking for.

Well written, chapters a perfect length to capture interest but not ramble on- I am intrigued. I have a few theories- but do continue...:moustache:

Oh Chryissy. Did your forget what your last unique changeling did? Though more individuality and seek to not steal love might be the natural order and Chryissy just needs to have it happen multiple times. Look at Lacewing and Katydid, the stallions they fed on felt no ill effects, cause Tea Cake and Coffee Cake aren't stolen identities.
Never saw Chrysalsis as irredeemable, she's just stubborn and needs to understand why most of the hive would change lifestyle so quickly and abandon her for a noob of a leader like Thorax. Having so few changelings will force her to have more intimate relationships with them and that might be what change her mind.

a good start and I hope to see more of this soon as I do so enjoy a god changling fic

you do quick work, I hope that means you're enjoying this as much as I am and that more is to come.

This is a Intresting story keep it up

Got a feeling Chrysalis hasn't done this much mothering in years. Probably the majority of the old hive were not directly her own and she left the laying of eggs mostly to breed mothers and raising of grubs mostly to nursemaids. Parenting changes a person and I imaging years of not doing the mother side of being a Queen effected her too.

Maybe, but fact is we know next to nothing about Queen Chrysalis past. We don't even know what her age is, or how old she can get. Which is one thing a lot of writers here have capitalized on and written some great stories.

Looking good so far! I'm interested to see which direction you take with this.

Interesting story, anxious to see where it'll go :twilightsmile:

Well if she's like and Alicorn I think most modern Changelings are her descendants not her direct kids, explaining how for example Ocelleus has a mother, father and two siblings. If at some point she turned over the majority of egg laying to dedicated brood mothers and occasional changeling pairs(how better to pose as a pony family than just live in a family unit?) She would have spent a long time not directly bonding with her changelings. Spending all her time planning and obsessing. Why would Thorax and Phyrax be her children, mostly comes to the fact third "reformed" forms are larger(though one joke fic points all leaders in MLP are bigger than their subjects) and Cyrsalis seemed to take Thorax's betrayal extra personal.

A lot of the time the leaders are also female ^^
I can see Changelings being able to have there own families, as for Oculus I barely know anything about her. I stopped watching the show after the Bats episode with Flutterbat.

Thus, it begins. :moustache:

The two exited the room and moved along a lightless corridor, the torch holders on the walls empty, long ago having burned out. Changelings didn’t need the light of torches, havening excellent night vision that allowed them to see even minasquel details in the dark.

M i n a s c u l e. And there's an extra N in having.

You have my interest. Have a Like and Track.:pinkiecrazy:

Also, a minor note:

“I’ve never seen a larva so… perspective.”

That should be "perceptive".:raritywink:

Okay, just what was going on? His little white ears rotating backward as he questioned himself. None of this feels right. I feel like… like… I feel like I’m missing something. I just can’t figure out what that something is... I’m not exposed to be a… a… whatever I am. Am I?

"exposed" should be "supposed" other then that I really like this so far. Keep it going please. :twilightsmile:

Fixed. If you or anyone else finds anything else wrong please let me know and I’ll fix it.

Fixed it. Please let me know if you run into any more mistakes. Ty

Fixed. Please let me know if you find anything else. Thanks

You really need to give these things a once over. Oh, and its 'donned' for putting something on, not 'dawned'. Its interesting, albeit a bit slow, but the minor mistakes all over the place is irksome.

I fixed the mistake.

Short summary typo:

A newly hatched changeling feels like the world around is more strange then it should be but can't understand why.


Some really awesome episodes came after Bats and we got a good number on Changelings.

“Phasmid you back!” His sister’s voice called out to him from something he didn’t recognize. “So much has happened while you were away!”

Phasmid you're back*

This is an amazing concept, can't wait to read more. Will Anon be groomed to become Chrysalis Heir?

I've seen bits of several of them. But what really got me to stop was "Top Bolt". I couldn't stand the show after that.

Looks like Plasmid is questioning his choices.

This story piques my interest. I do believe I'm going to enjoy watching where it goes.

Interesting. It's very similar to a story I was planning but never wrote (isnt that how it always is?) And I have a sneaking suspicion regarding what was fed to him, and I look forward to seeing more of this story in the future.

Thanks for the chapter!
I hope this is continued!


I'm guessing he hasn't considered trying to write, or display mathematics by grouping things in ways that they added up. Say a group of two, and a group of three, followed by a group of five.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Thanks for the chapter!
I hope you do not abandon this without some type of notice!

Awww her grub's first (almost) word was her name how adorable.

Regular changelings don't really sound too different from ponies only Chrysalis has that weird reverb. Lacewing and Kaydid likely have very soft pleasant voices having played the part of flirty pegasus sisters so long it's a natural part of their personalities. Long-term infiltrators with a pony persona likely act the same in and out of disguise, out of familiarity and to better pass as ponies, so they talk like ponies.

just saw this story in the group Human in Equestria folder Human Turned Pony/Other is this right if so the story need a human tag if not then it need to be removed from the group

Sorry, but I didn’t put the story in there.

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