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Regarding Casting Couch · 12:22pm August 1st

Hey all,

Figure I should answer this considering I've notice many many questions about it. Will there be another Casting Couch? To summarize probably not. I have been using Bokuman's art to pretty much cover the series and gave huge shout outs despite him probably not knowing who the hell I am. But I don't intend on doing more with X character, as I was mostly following the series of images.

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I understand, thanks for answering and take your time. I can wait a little longer :twilightsmile:

I Have made progress on it but at the time I have a lot of commission work coming in so it won't be until that gets cleared up

Hey Magma, quick question. What is the status of the Fluttershy's casting couch?

Tough to say man, I kinda just sought out help from a few friends who happened to be writers. Your best bet is to read a bunch of fics and try to use some of their tricks but not copy them

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