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Life Update · 4:23am May 1st

Heya Peeps,

figured I'd let ya'll know i'm kinda going through a bit of change in my life which may distract me a bit from my writing. I got diagnosed with something that is now causing a big change in my life and it's gonna take me a bit to adjust. I hope you all understand.

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Commissions open! · 2:58am March 16th

Heyo everyone,

I'm opening commissions for the first time this year. (Yes it has been that long since I opened em) So feel free to drop me a line if there is anything you are interested.

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Branching Out · 3:06am February 18th

Hey y'all.

Figure I'd announce that I maybe planning branching out in order to make some growth and post potentially non MLP related fics (Especially after recent events.) this doesn't mean I'm dropping MLP tho so don't worry but if you wanted to read them or wanna commission stuff outside it feel free to follow me on the following site Here where I will be posting anything and everything I have written over time.

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Small issue · 3:30pm February 5th

Hey Peeps.

So my recent fic Magma's VR adventure and One Helluva time have recently been revoked I am currently discussing with the staff here at fimfiction as to why that is. So don't stress about them disappearing I am hoping to get this resolved.

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The Holidays · 8:19am Dec 17th, 2021

Heya Peeps,

Figure I should let you know that I am officially on break till well the new year. The holiday fic I teased is currently out on Patreon and won't be released publicly till later this month. If you can't wait joining the lowest tier (Which is 1$) you can read it early. But till then I'm on Holiday.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the month.

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Plans for the next month or so. · 10:52pm Nov 21st, 2021

Heya peeps another update.

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Happy Halloween · 8:49am Oct 31st, 2021

Heya Peeps,

Wanted to wish you all a happy halloween and hope you are enjoying the holiday themed fic. Have some fun and eat lotsa candy!

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What's to come. · 10:06am Oct 2nd, 2021

Heya Peeps, Magma here.

Figured I'd let you know what I am currently planning since I mentioned it on my Patreon recently I should mention it here. Currently if you are pledged you can suggest a spooky month themed fic that I will be writing and then vote on which one it will be. Other then that in November I am taking some time off to spend with love ones (And play the new Pokemon, sue me). And as for December I'll be taking more time off as well as writing a fic fit for the holidays.

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Birthday. · 4:41am Sep 10th, 2021

Heya all,

It's weird everytime I age cause well I still can't believe it sometimes. But nevertheless I am aging like milk. However you guys can still expect me to attempt to churn out more and more lewd fics (Ya horny peeps). Other then that I do have certain goals I hope to accomplish but we will see where that gets me.

Also hope you all are enjoying Rebel In Bloom as I am taking a bit of time off to celebrate my birthday and ponder my age.

Take care all!

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Emergency commissions opened and here's why · 1:01am Aug 19th, 2021

Hey all,

So remember what I said about me taking the month off? Yeah that's been derailed. Due to an unexpected payment I had to make I am in the red a bit, and since I have panicking issues with this I am opening up emergency commissions to hopefully mend the issue. So if you want one get one while it's hot.

Also I'm gonna post a chapter to a fic I haven't worked on in ages that I forgot about so yeah.

Magma out