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From the amazing artist Vivziepop who created another favorite of yours, Zoophobia, comes two great shows, Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss.


Hazbin Hotel is about the Princess of Hell named Charlie who wants to stop the overpopulation of Hell humanely, as in with less death as physically possible. Not every demon is with her on it but with her partner/lover Vaggie, and their friend/first demon to accept being reformed, Angel Dust, they will do whatever they can to make the dream of reforming demons a reality.

Helluva Boss is a show about four demons, three imps and one hellhound, who run a business for one purpose only, contract killing any living humans. Along with them are other demons they come across like a high ranking demon, Stolas, who is obsessed with the head of the company, Blitzo.

Fics for crossover stories of Hazbin Hotel only, not Zoophobia stories. For Zoophobia stories visit this group here.

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Thanks for telling me about it

*Finds group*

Finally other people I can talk to about Hazbin!!!!

Been just shitposting Hazbin animatics and just nonstop yapping on about the pilot to my boyfriend for a solid week or so, he's fine with it but oh man, I has ideas, must share!

Ahhh....I hoped this existed.

Just saw the pilot recently, and it was amazing!
Easily one of the best cartoons I've seen in years!

The Pilot is here! It's beautiful! It's amazing! It's a HELL of a party!

Can't wait either

Thanks for making this group a can’t wait for some good stories :pinkiecrazy:

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