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Rainbow Dash is the best pony. Well, since we got that outta the way, welcome to the Rainbow Dash group!

The group dedicated to most loyal and awesome pegasus in all of Equestria. If you love Rainbow Dash too, than this is the group for you! This is the best group for everything Rainbow Dash related on fimfiction! We host contests every now and again, so be sure to watch the forum for when we announce one.

Last Contest Results!
First place: The Feeling Is Mutual by The DJ Rainbow Dash
Second place: Faster by Einhander
Third place: A Little Sore by carnivale

Honorable Mention: God Save (Me From) The Queen by Sparx

The rules of this group are pretty simple. Don't harass other members, be respectful of others, use some common sense, and play nice. Also, this is the Rainbow Dash group, so please don't go posting stories that don't involve Rainbow in our folders. A story is worthy to be submitted into a folder as long as Dash has a main role in the fic. If she doesn't, than please go and find the correct group for the fic instead.

Every so often, the admins of the Rainbow Dash group will be hosting a writing contest. We will supply a prompt for all of you to go off and write. The contest will be announced in the forums, and periodically we will remind everyone of the of the due date. The admins will judge the fics, than post the results in another forum post.

Contests are currently on haitus.

If you have a problem with another member, or would like to make a suggestion, you can contact any of these admins.

SweetAI Belle

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I have one where she isn't the main character as well, my OC is the main.

I have a story where Rainbow isn't the main character but she influences the story. I was wondering if its aloud in the group?

409656 damn that's cool:rainbowdetermined2:

Really funny story about how I found this group...

Joined as soon as I noticed it existed. She's one of my two favorite ponies. (Is there one for Fluttershy?)

So...we're supposed to believe that Rainbow taught Twilight Sparkle how to fly, right? Well, if she can teach Twilight, an individual who hadn't been a pegasus their entire life, how to fly, than why can't she seem to teach Scootaloo how to fly, except for in fanfictions?

Um... anypony here?

409656 That's pretty cool. In fact, you could say it makes this whole page 20% cooler.:rainbowlaugh:



Rainbow Dash.

Is the best.

Like no one ever was.

She didn't have to try, cause she was born awesome.


Hey everyone/everypony/everybronie, or what else. We all are good at something, Maybe your good at drawing or writing stories. If You are Then please post your artwork to my New rainbow dash artwork and fanfic group.


I would love to see some really nice fics / or art on there. Dont wait any longer to be a member of this new group.

If the first 10 artworks are Up we have a little contest on which one is the best.

Greetings and stay awesome.

If You have evil rainbow dash artwork please post It on my blog. I made my own rd artwork and posted It already.


Btw, rainbow dash is The best

My History Of My Favorite Character
1.From The first time i watched My little Pony Pinkie Pie Became my favorite character:pinkiehappy:
2.Fluttershy BecameMy favorite character:fluttershysad:
3.Twilight became my fav:twilightsheepish:
4.Then applejack:ajsleepy:
5.AND THEN RAINBOW DASH:rainbowderp:
Rarity is not my favorite pony anyway :raritydespair:


Comment posted by xxxRainbowDashxxx deleted Mar 2nd, 2016

Just throwing it out there that Rainbow Dash is best pony, next to Scootaloo.

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