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All right. So, I was going through my Google Docs tonight, on a whim (I have ADHD), and I ran into this:

Chapter 01: Dashing through the Shadows
Outside Canterlot Castle, it truly was the perfect day for the swarm of changelings descending upon the hapless citizens of Equestria’s capital city. The attack had been sudden and swift, catching what should’ve been a superior pony fighting force with its armor shed and weapons down. If she had known it was going to be this easy, she might’ve not waited for over a decade.

Chrysalis, the changeling queen, clapped her black, holey hooves together with malicious delight as she surveyed the glorious chaos that would put even Discord to shame. Before her was a sea of black and green reflecting her own carapace and mane colors, serving as a veritable torrent of her love-thirsty minions terrorizing their spoils of battle.

Finally, she had attained a glorious prize, one worthy of her rank of High-Queen. Before them, a free fount of constant, renewable love energy for the entire hive now at their beck and call, just waiting to be extracted. No other changeling queen would dare stand against her now with the love of the ponies fueling her might. Once she learned to command the sun and moon, every creature would bow at her hooves.

If only the day wasn’t drawing to a close…
Something felt terribly wrong. In her moment of triumph, she felt a terrifying build-up of powerful emotion shaking her entire being. It tasted of love, pure and strong, but the aura had the strangest tinge of powerful magic woven through it. It was luxuriously sweet, but the pressure it exuded felt like steel cords weaving through the holes in her legs, ensnaring her. The very air strangled the nape of her neck like a noose.

Chrysalis’ slit eyes darted around the castle grounds, hoping to find the source. She had subdued Celestia and the other royals herself. Barring a certain slumbering night princess, there couldn’t possibly be anypony left capable of producing such raw emotional strength!

Chrysalis tore herself away from the window to see the blinding, shimmering wave of energy surging from her royal prey. ‘Impossible!’ Ribbons of magical energy ebbed and danced around two royal lovers she had used to infiltrate Canterlot. Exchanging knowing looks, the couple closed their eyes as their energies fused into one with mystical power lifting them skyward. Reaching their apex, they flashed a brilliantly pure white.

Before she could stop them, an overwhelming fusion of love and raw magical power burst into an aurora of pinks, purples, and white. To the changeling queen, it was like staring down the throat of an erupting volcano. Chrysalis braced herself, casting her eyes away as if trying to wish it all out of existence. She could only scream as the titanic force smashed into her, ejecting the queen from the castle. Her magic fluctuated as she barely clung to her own hive mind. A thousand cries sounded at once before they vanished from her consciousness.

Desperately trying to regain some semblance of control as she shot across the sky, she reached out to the remaining scattered swarm caught in the blast. Under all the alarming screams of her loyal drones ringing through her head, there was a muted whisper. It was a nearly silent presence far more powerful than another other of her brood. She recognized its unique song, a subservient, subdued melody of Chyrsalis’ own design, dead and long forgotten.


She nearly reached to touch the quickly fading thread, but colliding with a jagged rocky riverbed on the far side of the Everfree Forest quickly silenced the queen’s thoughts.

The magical light dimmed as Princess Cadence and Shining Armor gently floated down from their tantalizing spell. The glorious affirmation of their love not only repelled the changelings, but the spell also dissipated the changeling’s gooey ichor, freeing the princess and anypony else from their slimy prisons. Applejack couldn’t help but smile along as the couple basked in the moment, even though AJ’s ears were still ringing from all the noise. Her unicorn friend, Twilight Sparkle, was the first to make a move as the purple pony galloped past her towards Princess Celestia to ensure the safety of their sun-bearing, benevolent ruler.

The farmer adjusted her Stetson before taking in her surroundings. Something wasn’t quite right, but for the love of apples, the orange earth pony couldn’t put her hoof on it. The pink princess and shining prince were nuzzling on the altar, Twilight and Princess Celestia were having a heart-to-heart chat, Pinkie Pie was bouncing around in a daze having stared directly at the explosion, Fluttershy and Rarity were locked in a friendly embrace, and Rainbow Dash was...

“Uhh, pardon me ya’ll for breaking up our little moment here,” Applejack chimed in as she trotted towards Twilight, “but have anypony seen Rainbow?”

Twilight glanced over AJ’s shoulder to the gap in their ring of friends. “Wasn’t she standing next to you, Applejack?”

Rarity and Fluttershy released each other noticing the distinct lack of a Rainbow’s tomboyish flair in the room. “She was right there a second ago. Did you see where she went, Pinkie Pie?”

“I can’t see anything past the shiny sprinkles in my eyes,” Pinkie replied frantically waving her hooves about to catch the blurry stars in her eyes, failing to catch the optical illusions darting about her vision from staring into the massive flash of light.

“Oh my, where could she have gone?” Fluttershy added meekly.

“Well, shoot. It’s not like her to just up and leave like this. Figured she’d be the first to say somethin’ like ‘Alright! Take that ya bug-eyed varmint!’” she lauded out in her best raspy Rainbow impression. In response, Pinkie reached behind a pillar and pulled out a large sign reading ‘6.8’ from behind with a gleaming smile.

“Close, but I don’t think she’d say varmint, AJ.” She bubbled before throwing the sign away to parts unknown.

“Not the point, sugarcube.” AJ raised a hoof to her chin, rubbing methodically trying to grasp for an idea. “Pardon me, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza—”

“Just ‘Cadence’ is fine.”

“Err… Cadence then. What the hay was that light show of yours just now?”

Shining Armor and Cadence looked at each other in uncertainty, Shining offering a shrug. “All I wanted to do was put my shield up and push those changelings out of Canterlot. I’m not sure what that was to be honest,” Shining answered as he realized he didn’t know what he did.

“And I wanted to cleanse Shining of any changeling control, so I tried to heal him,” Cadence added.

Twilight’s eyes ‘clicked’ with clarity as she interjected. “If I had to guess, perhaps it was a quasi-physical manifestation of Shining’s robust repulsion field coinciding with a burst of love energy released from Cadence’s own healing heartwarming spell which combined resulted in a powerful explosion of primal magic that would only adversely affect those susceptible to flows of emotional states!”

The room paused as everypony, except Princess Celestia, blinked a few times trying to get a grasp on what foreign language Twilight was speaking.

“It was a big, love-fueled explosion that only changelings could feel.”

A communal “Oh” and a slight giggle from Princess Celestia was shared across the room.

“So what you’re sayin’ is that RD couldn’t have been caught up in it, right?” Applejack asked tepidly.

“I… I don’t think so. Not unless a changeling slammed into her before the initial burst, and the only changeling here was that queen.”

“That’s terrible!” Rarity yelped, jumping to the worst possible conclusion. “Did you see how far it sent that wretched queen? If Rainbow Dash was carried off by one of those filthy changelings—”

“It would be best to not idle here in speculation,” Celestia finally spoke up, her regal tone barely masking her own exhaustion. “Not just Rainbow Dash, but many ponies may be missing or injured in light of what has transpired today. Shining Armor, I am sorry to ask this of you having just reunited with Princess Cadence, but please reassemble the guard and begin searching for any lost ponies, including Rainbow Dash. They are not to rest until everypony has been found,” she ordered with a calming maternal care.

She paused before amending her instructions to the weary captain. “Oh before that, please escort Princess Cadence to the medical wing. Once your men have their orders, please report there as well. You are in no condition to still be up and about after that surge of magic.”

“Yes, your highness.” Shining saluted emphatically, wincing as his hoof accidentally brushed against his sore horn.  Shining embraced his exhausted fiancé as she leaned against Armor for support. Her captivity along with bolstering her groom’s shield spell had taken their toll on the poor princess of love. Cadence whispered a quick “thank you, auntie” as they made their way out of the wedding hall.

“Princess Celestia, if it’s okay with you, I think we should start looking for Rainbow Dash,” Twilight requested as she rejoined her friends.

“I concur, Twilight,” The princess began turning around until she found her reflection in an overturned silver platter, seeing the burn mark on her horn from the changeling’s assault from earlier. “I think I will be accompanying Princess Cadence and Shining Armor in the infirmary,” Celestia chuckled, glancing up towards her majestically singed horn. She wrapped an enormous wing around her faithful student showering Twilight with parental pride before making her way to the doors. “Please meet us there when you have found Rainbow Dash.”

Twilight and her friends bowed respectfully as the royal presence left the room. The five friends gathered around Twilight. “Alright girls, Dash couldn’t have gotten far. Unless something really did catch her before the blast…” Twilight trailed off, slightly shuddering at the possibility. “Anyway, let’s stick together and find our friend.”

There was a dark void spinning endlessly around. She hadn’t noticed it before or realized she hadn’t been noticing anything. If there were any surroundings to inspect, she wouldn’t have known. The simple act of turning to look around seemed just as foreign as the place she was in. Wherever it was, it hurt. She was stuck in a gigantic blender with shards of glass with a dash of needles for good measure while a pounding from within demanded to be let loose.

“Man, this sucks,” she spoke aloud to herself, not realizing that was a thing she could do.
All at once, the vortex ceased about her. The pain numbed and the throbbing ceased. Suddenly gravity took its hold, pulling her down into a slump on the floor. She couldn’t see, but she knew it wasn’t the most graceful of positions: body flat on the floor with her legs flailed out before her. A wing was splayed uncomfortably under her body while the other… she couldn’t feel the other.

“Rainbow Dash?” she felt herself mutter, her lips muffled a bit from her muzzle pressing against the cold ground.

Oh, that was familiar. Her usually awesome name sounded weak and depressing. Dash pulled herself from the floor slowly, she tried to open her eyes, but her face tingled with complaints to the contrary. A slight vertigo had settled in causing her craning back and forth making any attempt to steady herself futile.
A slight prodding curiosity crept up to ask what she had been doing before. Rainbow’s eyelids tightened into a cringe as she dug deeply for the answer. Slowly, she began brushing away the murkiness fogging her thoughts. There was a solid emptiness, like a heavy curtain obscuring a wall of nothingness behind it. Still, she pressed on trying to wipe away the dark.

Rainbow heard the faint sound splash on a puddle. She inspected the void which revealed a trickle of water. Feeling the desire to touch it, she reached out with her hoof and felt a small streak of water brush through her fur. The streak grew stronger into a solid rush of water until finally a massive wave of water from nowhere crashed into her, forcing her back down into her sprawled state with recent memories flooding back into her mind.

“Oh ponyfeathers! Changeling Invasion, KO’d Celestia, Queen Chrysalis! What happened?” Rainbow Dash cried popping up from the floor and opening up her eyes. Dash shook her head, feeling herself aloft in the air, wobbling a bit as her surroundings blurred into focus. Looking around, she found herself in the center of a three-way junction of hallways, her back to the wall adjoining the hallways. She sighed in relief knowing she was still in the castle.

In the hallway before her there hung two series of pillars with an ornate tapestry decorating the each one. Either side depicted the passage of the sun or moon over a horizon line. To her right, the moon shifted through each phase as it went across its sky. To Dash’s left, the sun grew in size until it reached the apex of noon before shrinking into a sunset at the end of the hall, at least that’s what it looked like normally.

Instead the sun’s side was completely demolished. The sun tapestries were strewn among the rubble of the once proud-standing columns that were now either cracked at the top or completely toppled over. The damage seemed like a descending staircase of destruction flowing towards her. Whatever rampaged through here sure left its mark.

Rainbow’s eyes drifted to the left side to see if there was any other clues when the corner of her eyes caught the wall. She turned to see a large, perfectly circular crater impressed in the solid stone wall. It was a clean indention with little cracking or marring of the white rock. Dash would’ve thought somepony had teleported a semicircle of stone out of the wall if not for the trajectory of what destroyed hallway behind her telling her otherwise. She lowered herself to the ground, awestruck by the size of the gigantic impact. Her hooves crackled on the marble floor as she landed and…


Looking down, there was a smattering of pulverized stone amid a sea of tiny hexagons littering the floor. Scooping a hoof full, she at first thought it was a smashed piece of fine art or something, but the uniformity of the silvery little shapes didn’t look like shards of an expensive, irreplaceable vase or whatever they put in a castle. She bit down on one immediately regretting the decision as it was an incredibly hard and sharp scale.

Puzzled, she dropped the mysterious bits back to the floor to worry about later. Right now, she needed to get back to the action. Rainbow “Danger” Dash never sleeps on the job when her friends are in trouble. All she needed to do was find Flutters, Twi, AJ, and—
Dash blinked once, twice, and thrice again for good measure. There was Fluttershy, Twi, and AJ. Twi and AJ? Weird names for ponies. “Okay, think. Do you remember who they are?”

“Well, no,” she said to herself. “I mean, not really. Fluttershy’s been my best friend since forever. Twi is an egghead, and AJ…” she trailed off as she tried to recall, “… likes apples?” A throb of discontentment pinged just behind her eye, like a nervous twitch of something gone terribly wrong. In fact, the more she thought about it, there was a terrible sense of wrongness.

Trying to connect the dots, Rainbow recalled only moments ago, she had shut her eyes in anticipation of some awesomely-spectacular, elements of harmony-like super magic blast that’d probably save the day. At least she remembered the elements. The dots sprouted lines to connect to several ponies. The red was her being the element of loyalty. A pink one connected to Fluttershy who bore the element of… damn it.

“The element of dammit?”

“Once, twice, and thrice again for good measure.” Rainbow blinked along three times before shaking her head as her train of thought was derailed. Back to the matter at hoof, she was idling stupidly in a hallway while Fluttershy was in trouble... or might be in trouble… how long had she been out? Was it even the same day? Of course it had to be. The castle is a public place and in disarray, somepony would eventually stumble across her.

Now that was a strangely terrifying thought. Rainbow suddenly felt afraid and extremely vulnerable of a looming threat somewhere in the castle. What if there were still changelings lurking about? “What if they catch you and try to dominate your mind?”

“But I thought only changeling queens could mind-control somepony,” Rainbow answered her own thoughts dumbly.

A silence lingered for a second. Rainbow once again couldn’t help but blink along as she thought the same line, “once, twice, and thrice again for good measure.”

Refocusing, the feeling of exposure still loomed over here. Perplexed, Rainbow began to skulk uncharacteristically around the shadows, darting quickly between pillars to avoid any possible detection. She didn’t know why she was doing it, but she found it impossible to resist. Only one notion remained at the forefront of her mind, the need to stay out of sight. The very moment she considered darting at full speed, her conscience would immediately dispel the notion with controlled caution and fear. When she tried to question it, a series of words rang with a sense of déjà vu.

After fluttering through a few rooms, a familiar comforting contentment fell upon her shoulders. Rainbow found an odd pleasure with her surrendering to her own strange musings. It was like her conscience had developed a weird mind of its own, but nothing at all at the same time. Rainbow’s thoughts felt like hers, but they ran through a filter before popping into her head. Knocking on her forehead with her hoof didn’t seem to help her concentrate either.

Dash passed a contingent of guards starting to congregate in hallways she ventured through. Easily avoiding their attentive eyes, she was surprised she hadn’t been spotted being the proud spectrum of color she was. Dash never did much sneaking, barring the occasional practical joke, but even when a pony seemed to look in her direction, they couldn’t even catch the faintest glimpse of the Rainbolt on her flank. She followed in the shadows, deftly drifting between ponies’ blind spots, easily avoiding detection. Rainbow couldn’t remember when she had become so adept at hiding.

“Where, the flying feather, am I even going?” Dash whispered harshly to herself, annoyed by her sudden interest in stealth flying. To answer her own question, the hallways grew more festive with lines white draperies running the length of the hallways which were occasionally dotted with bouquets of flowers. As she drew closer, her recent memories kicked in again with the wedding she had been attending. The ever-increasing pageantry came to a head when she found herself just outside of the wedding chamber.

She stole a quick glance into the room and spotted a familiar cream-coated mare with beautiful locks of pink forming her pristine mane and tail. Fluttershy was just on the other side of the door! Rainbow felt a near irresistible rush of strange nostalgia urging her to swing down and hug her most precious friend until a familiar regal tone brushed her ears.

“Please meet us there when you have found Rainbow Dash.” Celestia requested of her faithful student and company.

There stood the ever-shining avatar of the sun in all her regal glory. Celestia was the pinnacle of leadership having lived several lifetimes leading the way for her precious ponies. The older half of the embodiment of cosmic harmony, she was strong, courageous, fair, beautiful, and benevolent, wielding power over the daystar in the sky.

And Rainbow Dash was absolutely terrified.

“Oh horseapples!” Rainbow squeaked as she dashed into hiding. She wedged herself as far as she could into the top corner of the hallway, tucking her tail and quickly shuffling her mane behind her head, not letting a single color-filled follicle hang loosely in front of her.

Rainbow held her breath as entourage of royals trotted through the hallway. Her conscience was wracked with overwhelming irrational fear that Rainbow could barely contain. The gnawing at the back of her head rattled as the pain bobbed up and down like a sea of agony crashing against her skull. The steady churn of her stomach turned into a tumbling washing machine of anxiety, nearly forcing her lunch onto the wall

Rainbow’s imagination rushed with thousands horrific nightmares, each analyzing the results of Celestia catching even the faintest glimpse of her. Every scenario ran through a gauntlet of imprisonments and interrogations, ended with Rainbow burning alive from the white-hot intensity of a solar flare.

As the royals rounded the corner out of sight, the migraine subsided allowing Rainbow to gather her thoughts again. Among the myriad of emotions from her apparent brush with death, Rainbow pinged with guilt. In her heart, she knew Celestia would never do something like that, even to her worst enemy.

She wiped away her blurred vision with her foreleg, surprised to find her face was moist. Rainbow “Danger” Dash had been silently sobbing in fear.
“Once, t-twice, thrice for a—oh son of a,” Rainbow cursed before biting her tongue to silence it. She forced the errant thoughts from the momentary breakdown with a quick shake of her head. Recomposing herself, Rainbow watched and waited as the group began wandering the castle halls, stalking closely behind Fluttershy in the hopes of finding good chance to pull her aside.

“You haven’t seen her either?” The maid cowered behind her broom, hoping to create a buffer between herself and her infuriated inquisitor. She hadn’t met Twilight often during her stay at the castle, but everypony in the castle knew to avoid the mare when she was fraying at the seams.

“Where could she have gone? Somepony should have at least seen her by now!” Twilight exclaimed furiously to nopony in particular. Twilight shot a few glares around the room, nearly catching Rainbow who ducked out of sight as she noticed her purple head veering her way.

“I know! Maybe she’s waiting to prank us!”

Applejack couldn’t help rolling her eyes at Pinkie Pie. “Sugarcube, Rainbows one for pulling our legs, but I don’t think even she’d be dumb enough to try to pull a fast one after what we’ve been through today.”

“I guess you’re right. Even if Dashie was planning some super-spectacular prank, she’d probably have pulled it by now,” Pinkie reaffirmed, bouncing contently with her own explanation until her ridiculous musings stopped her dead in her tracks.

“Unless pulling the plug on the prank was the real prank all along! Maybe she pranked us into pranking ourselves with an elaborate double prank!” Pinkie praised the missing mare between chuckles and snorts in awe of Rainbow’s brilliance “Good one Dashie! You really had me going there!”

“Well, silly prank or not, she had better turn up quickly or I’m not going to have time to redo Cadence’s wedding dress,” Rarity pouted begrudgingly. Her friends’ scowls gave away their combined disbelief.

“What? I worked hard on that commission, only for it to be burned by that masquerading insect. Not only that, but she completely ruined the very concept of that ensemble for me. Honestly, if I don’t start from scratch, I’m going to have bugs on the brain the entire wedding!”

“Let’s just focus on finding Rainbow first, Rarity, then we can start sweating the small stuff,” Applejack asserted, attempting to refocus the group’s efforts, “You’re not the only mare with a lot of her plate. I know I got a whole lotta desserts to bake again after seein’ all those tables flipped over a while back.”

“Ooo! Ooo! And I have to refill my cannon after the party we had with those changelings, otherwise we won’t have enough streamers for the reception,” Pinkie bubbled with an odd hint of seriousness.

“Pinkie that wasn’t a…” Twilight trailed off submitting to the futility of reasoning with the party mare.

Twilight gazed upon the setting sun as it began its final descent. She could feel her composure slipping away faster and faster as their search yielded nothing. They were no closer to finding their lost friend.

“Come on, think-think-think!” Twilight fretted, bonking her horn with her hoof as if trying to spark an idea. “We’ve searched most of the castle already, but who knows if she’s even in the castle anymore. Maybe we should split up?” she inquired aloud.

“Yes-yes-yes-yes!” Rainbow silently cheered, hoof-pumping as her opportunity to grab Fluttershy had arrived. Her victory was short-lived, however, as her target quickly shook her head.

“Oh, no-no-no-no, we can’t do that!” Fluttershy quavered, hunching down in fear. “Anypony could be a changeling, right?  What if somepony here is really just a changeling in disguise and they... ” she ended the trailing sentence with a whimper. Her eyes darted around the room catching the attention of the hall-wandering stallions and mares. Everypony began looking at each other with nervous concern at Fluttershy’s paranoid, but valid point.

“Oh come on!” Rainbow almost yelled, stifling her frustration with a quick hoof clamp around her muzzle.

“I know, I know, but we can’t start suspecting everypony of being changeling,” Twilight replied astutely, raising her voice to ensure sure she was heard. “If we did , then we couldn’t trust anypony anywhere anymore. Even finding Rainbow Dash would be questionable since she could’ve easily been replaced while we’ve been looking for her. I’d rather assume that my brother’s and Cadence’s spell worked and sent any would-be imposters flying over the Everfree Forest. We’ll have to worry about the details later.”

“I hear that,” Applejack chimed in, “Moreover, even if there were any bugs left in the castle when that love explosion thingy hit, seein’ how far it shot that royal pain, they’d probably be flatter than a mosquito flyin’ in front of the Appleloosa Express.” Fluttershy winced at the morbid imagery. Most of the castle-goers nodded with the group’s logic, but they continued their own tasks with a lingering trepidation.

After a short huddle, the five mares split up. Twilight galloped away to report on their lack of progress to the princesses while Pinkie Pie and Applejack headed off to cover more ground. Rarity and Fluttershy turned their attention to retrace their steps towards the wedding chamber. It was the last place they had seen Rainbow, and the group agreed it would be a likely place for her to return to. Rainbow followed closely behind, opting to tail them on the ground as her wings felt heavier than she cared to admit.

Fluttershy and Rarity were met with vacant hallways as they approached the wedding chamber. Most everypony had fled after Celestia was shot down by the changeling queen. Aside from their search party, nopony had any reason to look around the day’s ground zero. To their dismay, they found it still utterly deserted. Rarity climbed the small stairs of the altar to see if Rainbow was outside the window. Her wandering eyes drifted to the charred remnants of the queen’s transformation burned into the rug.

Fluttershy backed away from the fuming fashionista when she clenched her teeth in frustration, grinding her molars rather than her words. Kidnapping and impersonating royalty to allow a terrifying swarm of love-eaters bent on enslaving all of Equestria was bad enough, but to ruin a beautiful altar while burning a perfectly good, hoof-crafted wedding dress on top of it all was unforgivable!

“Fluttershy?” Rarity called as calmly as she could to the concerned pegasus.“Would you be a dear and watch the door for a minute?” She politely requested while she enveloped the circular singe in the rug with her magic.

“I guess…” Fluttershy squeaked back.

“I should only be a minute or two, really!” Fluttershy began trotting a little faster as she overheard Rarity’s tussle with the rug quickly escalate into an all-out war against grime. It only took The perfectionist had made only a few, ineffective wide strokes of restoration magic before completely losing her composure in the maddening battle for cleanliness. “For Celestia’s sake! Just turn from brown to white you stupid, overgrown coffee stain!”

Fluttershy slowly walked over to the ornate door frame, assuming her watch while Rarity wrestled with the rug. Her eyes caught a terrace resting outside a westward set of windows. Her precious choir birdies she brought along had nested there just before the chaos erupted at the wedding. Fluttershy hadn’t spoken to them or any of the animals since starting their searching for Dash, but she knew they could handle themselves until they found the lost pegasus, probably.

She shook off her momentary fears to refocus her watch down the long hallway. Not a peep or pony was heard as she kept on high alert. It was quiet, but not too quiet. Though, either tier of silence was enough to prompt the dreading mare to nervously pull on her flowing bangs. There was something phenomenally scary about the unsettling emptiness of what should’ve been a cheer filled corridor of wedding bells and party-goers.

Growing ever fearful of the empty hallway, she had given up on her watch to assist Rarity when a sudden tug around her neck pulled her behind a pillar. Before she could eep out her best terrified yelp, she found her mouth clamped shut with strong hooves. She puttered a series of smothered mphf’s and mhmm’s as her abductor swiftly swung her around the corner. Her eyes watered as she prepared herself for the worst.

“Shh! Quiet Flutters! It’s me, it’s me!” a familiar raspy voice silently husked at the panicking pegasus.

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Fluttershy beamed with excitement with a wide smile plastered across her face as she opened her eyes to look at her friend. Their joyous reunion quickly spun into a horrifying encounter upon getting a look at her friend’s condition.

“I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you, but the thing is—”

“Rainbow Dash! What in Equestria happened to you?” Fluttershy shrieked, slumping to her flank in disbelief and fear of the sight of her friend.

“Keep it down, Fluttershy! Do you want to wake up the whole…” Rainbow paused, trailing off for a moment, “wait, what do you mean what happened to me? I feel fine.” Rainbow stated confidently, running a broken hoof through what Rarity might call a perfectly disheveled mane.

Fluttershy could barely utter a word at the mere sight of the severely beaten pegasus. Dash could not have looked worse, outside of being dead that is.

Rainbow’s entire body was badly bruised covered in scratches from head to hoof with a large gash on her right side. She looked as if she’d lost a fight with a pack of manticores. Fluttershy eyes ran down the barrel of the battered mare, her eyes stopping to notice Rainbow’s weight shifting off a wobbling and shattered hind leg.

Judging from Rainbow’s shallow, forced breathing, she might have a pierced lung on top of her broken nose. The dark circles of fatigue under Dash’s eyes didn’t help convince Fluttershy that her friend was feeling fine. How could she say she was fine with her left wing hanging listlessly off to the side, seemingly crushed from some harrowing accident? Better yet, how was the mare standing at all?

“Fluttershy? You’re kinda freaking me out.” Rainbow whispered, leaning away from her friend’s frightened stare.

Rainbow’s words snapping her back to reality, Fluttershy shook her head. “Freaking you out?” she sputtered incredulously “We need to get you to a hospital, now! Oh dear, you must be in so much pain. Wait here, I’ll go get the girls!” Fluttershy shouted, nearly speeding off faster than a Wonderbolt until Rainbow pulled her back down to earth with her last good hoof.

“No! No girls, no hospitals!” Fluttershy tried to raise an objection, but her retort was cut off. “I need you to just sit down and listen, okay? I’ve been following you around for the past couple of hours because I need you to—“

“You were following us in your condition? Why didn’t you—” Fluttershy squeaked before Rainbow, again, clamped her mouth shut.

“I’m getting to that! Just… just shut up for a second, alright?” Rainbow pleaded as Fluttershy nodded, barely maintain her own composure. “I know it’s crazy, and I wanted to fly down and tell you, I really did! But I was… scared for some reason. Terrified and I don’t know why, but I was, okay? Especially when Celestia…” Rainbow trailed off, shivering having nearly brought back nightmares.

Fluttershy muffled her cries with her hooves as Rainbow somehow started pacing back and forth nervously, seemingly unaware of her grave injuries. “Anyway, I was flying around the hallways waiting for you to be alone, because I umm… Oh for Pete’s sake! It was Something very important. And I could only talk to you. Nopony else! … Right?” Rainbow paused, glancing around as if waiting for an answer. Before the confused Fluttershy could offer a reply, Dash answered, “Yeah that sounds about right.”

Rainbow leaned towards her silently sobbing friend, tears flowing from her unflinching gaze at the battered mare. “Listen, we need to hide somewhere no one will find us so I can…”

Rainbow paused curiously, stopping her own sentence dead in its tracks. She started stammering mixtures of “so I can’s” in varying flummoxed orders as her face turned a particularly bright shade of red under the bruising.

“Woah, woah, woah! No way!” Rainbow exclaimed flabbergasted as she finally stifled her own ramblings. Fluttershy tilted her head slightly in confusion causing the back of Rainbow’s head to throb in disbelief.

“Hey brain, you up there buddy? You’re not making any sense!” Rainbow shouted while pounding her temples with her hooves. Rainbow shook in the air, going through confidence, fear, disgust, incredulity, confusion, and finally capitulation all on her own as she wordlessly argued with somepony unseen.

“Fine! I don’t know why, but I need you to ki—” Dash stumbled as the words failed to creep from the edge of her tongue. “What the hay is that supposed mean anyway?”

Rainbow gritted her teeth while stamping the ground in frustration. Fluttershy’s muzzle was starting to fall asleep from the force of pressing her own mouth closed. Her thoughts raced a million miles a minute desperately trying to come to terms with what she was witnessing. Rainbow Dash clearly wasn’t in the right state of mind from whatever had happened to her. Panic setting in, Fluttershy’s eyes darted around the hall trying to find some way to calm the mare on death’s door down, but found no answers.

“Rarity!” Fluttershy screamed with a volume not usually reached by the timid mare. It wasn’t particularly loud, but it was enough to blow any semblance of secrecy Rainbow Dash could hope to maintain. Like clockwork, their private conversation was suddenly interrupted by the additional voice. Rainbow reeled back around with a heated stare rivaling the power Fluttershy’s own.

“You imbecile!” Rainbow suddenly roared, her eyes flaring with anger. “You had one job you half-witted…” Rainbow trailed seeing Fluttershy shrink back from Rainbow. “A-am I talking?”

Fluttershy nodded quickly, the bewilderment and fear etched into every quiver of her body and tear falling from her eyes.

“Fluttershy,” Rainbow Dash uttered just above a whisper, stumbling backwards with a desperate fear lingering on her shallow breaths. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Please don’t cry, I-I didn’t mean—”

“Fluttershy! Are you alright?” Rarity interrupted with concern as her quickened hoof falls drew closer to the doorway.

“Damn it! I can’t afford to wait any longer,” Rainbow growled with a disappointed scowl at the approaching unicorn. Rainbow tried taking to the air to escape, but her destroyed wing finally caught up with her as she fell to the ground. “I’ve… I’ve overextended myself.”

“Rainbow Dash,” Fluttershy begged the battered mare, gathering her courage as she tried helping the mare to her hooves, “you’re my best friend. Just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it. Let me help you.”

Rainbow cast a solemn, forlorn glance towards the door as the inquisitive shadow drew closer. She panted heavily trying to draw herself to her hooves, but her body was finally admitting the defeat it should’ve registered hours ago. With a pained breath, she forced herself to stand up on her dysfunctional legs, her tired eyes filled with sorrow. With a heavy sigh of resignation, Rainbow placed a hoof on the side of Fluttershy’s head, pulling the mare’s full attention before suddenly thrusting forward.

Before Fluttershy could mutter in surprise, her lips were already locked with her Dash’s. Fluttershy thought she would reel back in shock, but her body felt numb and unresponsive. She had heard stories of ponies losing themselves to passionate kisses, having their breath taken away, but she never thought it could be so literal.

There was a terrible wrongness accompanying a strange paralysis washing over her. The world seemed to blur around, her vision swirled with light bending around her. Every muscle in her body felt like it was trotting on pins and needles except for her lips, which burned with a passionate fire scalding across her lips. It was tiring. So very tiring.
After an eternity passing between the two in the mere seconds, the kiss finally ended. Fluttershy caught herself before falling over as she gasped for air. She shook her head, trying to process what happened. It was as if something had sapped the life right out of her, forced her to run a mile, and then thrown a piano at her face. She felt the urge to throw up, but didn’t have the strength.

Looking up at her friend, Fluttershy saw Rainbow hadn’t fared much better as her eyes spun around as while stumbling slightly trying to find her balance. She barely heard Rainbow mumble something about twice and thrice before blinking three times and then shaking her head.
Rainbow held a hoof over her mouth, horrified by what she had just done. There was no explanation she could muster as her body had acted on its own. She had just kissed her best friend for no reason, leaving a wonderful flavor danced upon her tongue as if she had eaten the sweetest chocolate accompanied by a bitter remorse of stealing something unknown from her friend.

“I-I’m going crazy, aren’t I?” Rainbow chuckled nervously, unable to rationalize her impulses.

Dash’s mutterings were interrupted by every last nerve bursting alive with a painful intensity. She collapsed as with an overwhelming throbbing wracked her entire body. Her mouth flared open as she wanted to scream desperately, but what little breath she had choked and escaped her before she could utter a single syllable. Fluttershy pulled herself towards her friend, hoping to see do something to help, but after a few twitches, Rainbow’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as her body curled up in writhing agony. After a painful pause, her body fell limp.

“Rainbow Dash…” Fluttershy’s mumblings barely crossed her lips as she reached for her friend’s hoof. The world around them grew darker with the sounds of their breathing fading from her senses until finally everything blurred to black.

So...it's obviously not something that I'M capable of writing, I can tell that right off the bat, and it's a "Rainbow Dash is secretly a Changeling but no one, including her, ever knew about it before the Canterlot Wedding debacle" story, but other than those two things, I don't know ANYTHING about this fanfic. So...help?

Comment posted by spyrofan354 deleted March 24th

Is anyone still alive here if so need help finding a story it’s about rainbows dad dieting in a accident

I have one where she isn't the main character as well, my OC is the main.

I have a story where Rainbow isn't the main character but she influences the story. I was wondering if its aloud in the group?

409656 damn that's cool:rainbowdetermined2:

Really funny story about how I found this group...

Joined as soon as I noticed it existed. She's one of my two favorite ponies. (Is there one for Fluttershy?)

So...we're supposed to believe that Rainbow taught Twilight Sparkle how to fly, right? Well, if she can teach Twilight, an individual who hadn't been a pegasus their entire life, how to fly, than why can't she seem to teach Scootaloo how to fly, except for in fanfictions?

Um... anypony here?

409656 That's pretty cool. In fact, you could say it makes this whole page 20% cooler.:rainbowlaugh:



Rainbow Dash.

Is the best.

Like no one ever was.

She didn't have to try, cause she was born awesome.


Hey everyone/everypony/everybronie, or what else. We all are good at something, Maybe your good at drawing or writing stories. If You are Then please post your artwork to my New rainbow dash artwork and fanfic group.


I would love to see some really nice fics / or art on there. Dont wait any longer to be a member of this new group.

If the first 10 artworks are Up we have a little contest on which one is the best.

Greetings and stay awesome.

If You have evil rainbow dash artwork please post It on my blog. I made my own rd artwork and posted It already.


Btw, rainbow dash is The best

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