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Fan of the show since late 2016/early 2017. Seasons 1-7/movie preferred canon. I give out story ideas for authors to write on the site.Big Rainbow Dash Fan. Big TwiDash Fan.

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    MLP Story Idea Fear of Flying

    Hello Everypony,here's another story idea for the authors to adapt.

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  • Monday
    "What If" Wonderbolts Academy

    I have several ideas for a What If story idea that authors can adapt from, I won't mind, just make it good if that's alright, sorry if I sounded demanding, I just want writers to the adapt these stories from my blogs as soon as possible. Again sorry.

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  • Sunday
    Another Crossover Idea

    Hello Everypony; here's another MLP story idea.

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  • Saturday
    MLP FIM Season 9 Episode 20 A Horse Shoe-In Review

    I thought this episode was alright.

    Spoilers Be Warned!!!

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  • Friday
    MLP/X-Men Story Idea

    For this Story Idea, it's the X-Men version of MLP FIM. All of the ponies are Earth Ponies but there are those who have unique gifts. Twilight Sparkle will be the Professor X of the story, she can read ponies' minds, she's also bald. Applejack will be the Wolverine of the story, adamantium claws coming out of her hooves, rapid healing. Spike is Beast; he was once a pony but is turned into a dragon. Rainbow Dash is Magneto; she can control metal and wants freedom for all mutants and will do so

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MLP Story Idea Fear of Flying · 4:29pm 3 hours ago

Hello Everypony,here's another story idea for the authors to adapt.

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Thanks for the watch!

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