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Rule number one: Remember to have a bit of shame before you post something that you know other people will find deplorable.

Rule Number Two: There are no other rules.

This group is really meant to take on the questions, games, discussions, debates, and just about anything else that will NOT cut it on the original group that's meant specifically for writing with a few things added in here and there. Post whatever you want and do whatever you want in this group as long as you aren't tearing into some other author just because you thought his story sucked.

You want a place to post your newest fic, promote it and look for a review on it? That's great because this group doesn't have a single problem with that!

Discuss whatever y'all want to discuss, post whatever y'all want to post and do whatever y'all want to do as long as it's not too far out of line.

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You're asking Bronies to have a sense of shame?

As a new member of Fimfiction, count me in:scootangel:!

Rule number one: Remember to have a bit of shame before you post something that you know other people will find deplorable.

NO! shame is no gain.

Hey there, ugh people, cats, dogs, ponies dressed as humans, ugh even democrats. I just wanted to say hello, so hello.

So... What would all of you think of mane 6 finding and raising an abandoned filly from the everfree forest

Hello Everypony! :derpytongue2:


Well, I just joined this group. I have a strong feeling that I'm going to have fun here. Also, this is my FIRST group to join on this site, and I joined the site last October. Additionally, my first story was posted the past June. Just had to introduce myself briefly, but anyway, happy to part of the group. :twilightsmile:


What he said!

Wait until Poultron flags this group. Just wait.


315282 okay then at least everything is becoming peaceful tonight. But tomorrow will be a different story. Well until next time.

315281 Oh it's going great! The threads are finally slowing down and I can finally stay up all night and write :twilightsheepish:

315279 so hows a going?

315274 Tis the group that keeps the writer's group from being spammed with crustacean related threads and other bullshittery

well its been 30 secs...why did i join this group?

314825 I have to, or I'll explode...

"Good evening and welcome to Sprockette's. Ignore Dieter and his monkey; it's his punishment." :rainbowwild:

  • Viewing 25 - 44 of 44
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