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Hello and Welcome to Unloved Couple.

I made this group for all those Shipping pairs that just
don't get written about a lot or couples that just don't get
enough love.

This group is for people who want to read or post stories about
couples that don't get the love they should.

I made this Introduction tread for everyone to introduce themselves in.
Please come and do so.

Everyone have fun and ask Phoenix Skyfire (thats me) or my Co-Founder MysteriousStranger
and We'll add in any CanonXCanon folder we need for all those
that don't get their love.

For those Unloved Shippings we don't have folders for at the time. Pleas add them to the
"Unloved Shipping with no Folder" folder, we will check to see if the shipping is truly unloved
then make the folder needed.

Also the Unloved Stories folder is for just what it says. Unloved Stories.
Any story that has a Rating of 300 (rating = Likes - Dislikes) or below can be added
even the stories that have Couples that are used a lot.
Me and my Co-Founder will be checking that folder when we can.
Any stories thats Rating exceeds 300 will be removed from it.

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Are crossover ships aloud?

I ship Diamond Tiara with Silver Spoon. Anyone else?

I think these ships needs more love:

Rarity x Thunderlane
Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps
Spitfire x Soarin
Twilight x King Sombra
Lyra x Noteworthy
Sweetie Belle x Rumble
Diamond Tiara x Featherweight
Scootaloo x Dinky

Thinking of writing a chrysalis x fluttershy fic, and a sunset shimmer x fluttershy fic

Rarity Dash aka G3 Rainbow and Spike

Hayseed Turnip Truck and Rarity

355365 ah, it's already posted on the Group too?
I hope they find the love as the title suggested.

355329 Actually its already up on the Site... "Love's Light: Is it Possible to Love Again?" its in the group as well as my other story

355326 so when you publish the story, the premice stands, as the details behind it?
sould like the idea.

355325 I dont change it based on New episodes, it doesnt count season 4

355324 can't write about the future, if you're revising due to the next episode.
Every other Episode would include something isnspiring a new story, I guess.
I doon't even need to wait for the new Episode, I have too many stories on my hooves as it is.

Ok, there goes another story, now ih Pinkie(s) in it.

355297 its the same with my other story I started because if the e season 3 finale, it doesnt have anything ti do with season 4 its a future fic though

355265 that's good, only makes a mess out of a previously good story for no reason.
In most cases, it only screw the story up, for all i care.

355228 I never did change the story lol

355226 A year ago, I guess that's about mid season 3?
if they contradicted it, why change the story?
writing a good story takes too much time to keep track of their ideas.
did you 'complete' the story?

Sadly, I rarely do read any much these days.

I have a few old stories.
Just as I choose to include both old characters and rases. even if I can pick the latest whim as well.

I think I really need to pick my old stories into the site.

355196 I started the story over a year ago, its within the group itself if u want to try reading it. "Unlikely Love of Ages Past"

355172 Aging up ponies is a good idea.
did you get the idea, or started writing this story before Season 4?

I had an idea for an Aging up situation.
Just that we can't know what happen within the timespan between now, and when the scene is played out.

355143 my story is also aged up not taking into account season 4 and only part of season 3

355117 I haven't really gotten to them yet.
though there may be reason for both Svoots and Sweetie Belle to look her up soon.

Even if scoots doesn't fly(at least yet)
Sweetie Belle should have a good chance too.

though it seems there's an actual chance on the details, looking at the episode they were actually invited to Diamonds 'Party', which is cool, because al the foals who was kept out, right?

355081 I personally shipped her with Scootaloo

is there room for a DiamondBelle?

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