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This group is for all shippings that go unnoticed, are underappreciated, or simply underrated. If you'd like to submit a story, please put it in the appropriate folder. Please do not submit any clopfics outside of the Rule 34 folder. It's there for a reason. Do not submit any ships that are popular/appreciated (Ex: AppleDash). Thank you.

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Does Twibra count? I see so much Lunbra, not enough Twibra.

SoarinFire counts, right? It probably does becuase it's soooooo underrated!!!!

Would MacinDash count?

well, the only thing i got is an idea (which i think is a super idea)
but i'll sent you some

357951 I could help you with it if you sent me with it. Do you need help with grammar, ideas, or something else?

can anyone help me with my story, Purple and Gray?

i'm not english so i've got some trouble with grammar

and the story is just very, very dry:ajsleepy:
i would appreciate the help!:pinkiehappy:

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