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Pizzema Forte

You never know where the green beans are going to land.

Commission Information

Commissions: Closed

Currently working on: 2 Commissions

$5+$1 per 1,000 words

OCs: +$10
Short Deadlines (Less Than 7 Days): +$10
Humanized/Anthro: +$5
Crossovers: +$15
Provided Plot: -$5
(If Clop:)
Light Fetishes: +$5
Extreme Fetishes: +$8

Examples of Commissions I've Done:
Drunken Mistakes Are Sober Desires
Donate What You Can

Must have a Paypal account for payment!

Now only taking one shot commissions!

I will make compromises on prices if you can't afford something! PM me if interested, or need more details!

Latest Stories

Goals for Fimfiction

Get a story in "popular" (x)
Get a long story featured (x)
Get a short story featured ()
Write a story with over 100,000 words (x)
Write a story with over 200,000 words (x)
Write a PinkieDash story ()
Write a story for someone else (x)
Successfully do a collaboration fiction ()
Publish 10 stories (x)
Publish 50 stories ()
Publish 10 poems: ()
Get 10,000+ story views (x)
Get 20,000+ story views (x)
Get 30,000+ story views ()
Get 50,000+ story views ()
Get 1,000+ likes on a story ()

Read over 100 stories (x)
Finish reading On Cross and Arrow ()
Read a 100,000+ word story ()
Favorite 100 stories (x)
Actually read a HiE story I like ()

Other Goals:
Make at least 10 personal friends on Fimfiction (x)
Become someone's permanent editor (When I get better at editing myself) ()
Be followed by KrishnaKarnak (x)
Start a Group (x)
Get at least 50 members in my group (x)
Get at least 100 members in my group ()
Get a reading of one of my stories (x)
Receive fanart from one of my stories: (x)
Get 100 followers (x)
Get 200 followers (x)
Get 300 followers (x)
Get 500+ followers ()

Some Stuff About Who I Am And What I Do

I Consent to ALL Use of My Stories On This Website
I understand many of you have asked about putting my stories in groups, using characters.
Everything of that nature is acceptable. I don't care what's done with my stories! I appreciate you asking for permission, but I don't care one way or another.

A Short Biography:
Currently, I'm a junior in high school, and I attend a school for the performing arts in the United States. I play the violin, and would love to talk to anyone in any branch of the performing, musical, or literary arts about the subjects. I'd like to talk to anyone, anyway, simply because I'm very fond of people. I started writing and making up stories since I was around 6 or 7 years old. I hope to continue writing as a hobby, but would prefer to become a musical educator.

What I do:
On Fimfiction, I'm mostly a writer instead of a reader. Although I will proofread/edit for anyone who needs it, I'm mainly here to write. As for the genres I write, I usually do slice of life fics, romance, clop, and the occasional sad/dark. I write a lot of one shots in all, but I do have the occasional long story (I'll usually do one at a time, but continue to write one-shots in the process). So, yeah. I hope you enjoy reading my works as much as I enjoy writing them.

My Favorite Fics (So I don't have to use a "favorites" box):
I'm a Cat!
He'll Never Leave Me
Dear Dashie
"Mommy's going back to Heaven."
At The Bottom Of The Botte
Dear Rainbow...
An Assistant's Tale
Never Stop Smiling
The Wheel and the Butterfly A Dan X Pinkie Pie Saga

So, um... Yeah. If you need editing/proofreading, I'm not that good at it, but I'll help you the best I can. I hope you all have an amazing day/night/evening/morning!

Rock on!

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Hey, man! I was relooking at your profile and stuff and I saw you're in preforming arts! It's always nice to find a fellow band geek, or in your case, orchestra!

Ok never mind you probably left this site if you haven't been online for 29 weeks as of this post.

Very sad to hear Raising Rainbow is canceled. Thanks for making it though, I really enjoyed it.

I'm stalking you.~❤

I know you're busy, but I can't help but check from time to time to see if a new chapter of Raising Rainbow is coming out soon! You've got me hooked on that story, and I'm dying for more! It's such a great story!

Anyways, much luck to you in your writing, and musical pursuits!

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