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Rainbow Dash receives a letter from an old friend detailing their harsh foalhood and resurfacing memories she had tried to forget
"You didn't tell them did you.
You didn't tell your friends that you grew up in a dilapidated orphanage. You didn't tell them you endured years of child abuse. You didn't tell them that everypony told you that you'd never be special. You didn't tell them your father gave you up because he spent all his bits drowning his sorrows in cider. You didn't tell them of the little family you made, and of the happiness they brought you. Of our flight sessions beneath the stars, wings and hearts beating in tandem."
"And look what it has cost you."

They wouldn't understand anyway
An RD one shot

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I want to read... but my feels have been shattered already today... SCREW IT I MUST READ

Yes! Read it! READ IT ALL! :twilightsheepish:

Very nice.... Now I'm on the verge of crying... It's not good to read 3 sad fanfics in a row...

Superb. Have a like, fav and follow.:pinkiehappy:

My only gripe is that there is more than a few spelling errors.

Shoot I'll get right to fixing that! Thanks for the support and imput

The feels in this story, are TOO DAMN HIGH! :raritycry:

(However, I can't see the pic at the end (might just be my iPhone tho :applejackunsure:))

3856312 :pinkiesmile:
it's supposed to be a pic of Rainbow and her father.

3856312 P.S. is there any chance your going to do a sequel to this (after the events here or maybe even something from fluttershy's view point?)

Not bad for a first. Not bad at all. A bit rough here and there, but overall nice job.

I love this story! I could sense that Dash had a rough childhood of sorts, but being sent to an orphanage by her dad?! I felt so bad for both Dash and the narrator of this story. I've read my share of "Scootaloo's an orphan" fics, but there are a few "Dash was an orphan" fics out there and this is among the best. I'm so glad that Dash got out of there, and the narrator as well. But Dash still feels the hurt of those years ago, but the narrator's there to console her.

Is the narrator by any chance Soarin (of the Wonderbolts)? Or even Derpy? I would say Fluttershy, but she was one of the fillies who was adopted by the ones who adopted Rainbow.

Anyway, I love this story.:rainbowdetermined2::yay::derpyderp2:

I actually don't know who it is! It's a male Pegasus so I'm trying to decide between maybe Thunderlane or Soarin...

I'm glad you like it!

Interesting writing style. I wouldn't think this kind of thing would work beforehand, but somehow it just does. The words are simple but it's eloquent all the same. It's sad but not too sad. It won't make me cry, but it'll always stick in the back of my mind. This is good stuff. :pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2:

The picture does not work.

3856275 omg I just cryed my heart out I think I just died of sadness that was a awesome story my friend

Comment posted by lulamoo_alpaca deleted Oct 29th, 2014

The writer is obviously Lightning Dust

Or Thunderlane, Soarin wouldn't make much sense.

Great story all the same :twilightsmile:

Who's the guy? The picture at the end is showing up as a blue square. Is he an OC or a background pony you gave a life to?

Good, really good... :coolphoto:
That was simple, but damn effective. Well done, mate :yay:
I wanna know if that guy is an OC or a character from the show :trixieshiftleft:

(But you maybe should put more space between paragraphs)

It's supposed to be a pic of Rainbow and her father

I wonder who wrote that letter to Rainbow Dash, the picture does not work but I can keep on guessing.

Anyway good work on your first story job well done.

Sure it's sad, but not cry worthy. I am going to be thinking of this later. I always do. yay for some-one adopting a sixteen year old pony.:yay: Is this Complete? Please say no.

3864152 I've been mulling over a sequel involving way more Fluttershy for a couple days. It would explain what happened after Flutters and Rainbow were adopted and maybe a little bit before the orphanage

3864312 I'm reading a fic about Rainbow's father raising her alone. This makes me extra sad since he's such a good daddy.:ajsleepy: I am looking forward to a sequel.

I can only hope theirs a squeal as going through this it was incredibly good never really cared for slight spelling mistakes hell if I wrote a story I would screw up spelling a lot as well :rainbowkiss: any way loved it hoping for a sequel.

3864312 can you make a sequel about how this continues?

3866029 That's the one. Surprise and Rainbolt FOREVER!:rainbowderp:

What's a proofreader if they don't go and comment on the story? LOL

Hey, glad you got lot's of recognition on it. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Much love :heart::twilightblush:

>> Ninjadash I'm reading a fic about Rainbow's father raising her alone. This makes me extra sad since he's such a good daddy."

Well it's not so much that her father was a bad dad, more like after previous events... *smiles deviously* he was unable to care for her.

The feels all the feels :fluttercry::raritydespair:
To be honest I need closure on it you know what happens between the mystery stallion and Rainbow Dash will it be :heart:
or will I end up like:derpytongue2:
or will it be shocking :pinkiegasp:

Seriously though, I'm really sorry but I just don't like this. Not because it's too sad, I actually like sad fics, but this is more like, I dunno, tragedy for the sake of tragedy, or "tragedy porn" if you prefer... yeah, the message is supposed to be "don't give up hope" or something like that but it feels kinda shoehorned and not developed enough, besides it kinda bugged me that they never called the police to tell them about those fiends in the orphanage! Also the writing is... kinda awkward, I don't know if it's intentional but it's so "vertical" it wasn't very pleasant to my eyes.

Sorry :ajsleepy:

3860676 But if it was her dad, that wouldn't make any sense at all! :rainbowhuh:

Its a good start to a fic
not much as a oneshot tho

Lovely absolutely lovely story! But you should have put the writers name at the end! But that was just a suggestion! Anywho great job!

Im surprised rainbow never returned to help the others she was so loyal to.

Oh but you haven't heard the rest of the story yet !

Aaaaawwhhh this was sooooo awesome, and it was so sad gosh if I get my hands on whoever did that to Rainbow like that oooh so help me!!! Lol :pinkiehappy:

The picture at the end th8re is linking to a file that is accessi8le only to you. Try uploading to imgur/Drop8ox/other file hosting site.

~Vriska Serket

wow is this relly your first fanfic? wow man... good job

Damn your a good writer if this is your first fanfic. Great job tho! I've been thinking bout who the stallion/mare is that wrote the letter, for like.....hours.
You get a five stache :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Please come back soon and make a sequel to this beautiful story.
Please. Im begging you.:applecry:

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