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Who is XEN0KID?

Introduction to Me
Hello, my name (or as you know it) is XEN0KID. i was born in Wales, UK and still live here with my parents, since im not of legal age to move out. i'm a regular commenter for many stories and small time editor for my good friend Nowhere Man. my preferred stories are sci-fi crossovers. mostly but not limited to Halo.

How Did I Become a Brony?
my first exposure to ponies was from the YogsCast's miniseries, Sunshine of Israpony. a while after that my little brother started watching the series. he was 4 at the time, so i cant blame him. once i saw a few clips from a few episodes,i decided to look for season 1 on youtube... i then spent 24 hours straight watching seasons 1-3.

as it stands i am 15 and have studied music and D&T (design and technology) resistant materials, and have gotten good grades in both including the curriculum subjects... apart from welsh. welsh sucks

i am currently studying, in year 10, D&T Graphics and ICT. both of which im am skilled at

Extra Info
i am autistic, in the sense that i have Aspergers Syndrome. not something im ashamed of, and frankly i dont care who the hell knows

Q: who is best pony?

Q: clop?
A: No. not with it but im not against it. unless you purposefully show it to me. if you run up to me on the street with a picture of futashy on your brand new IPhone 6, you are gonna have a severely damaged bent brand new IPhone 6

Q: anti-bronies?
A: Fuck 'em

Q: is there any type of fanfiction you will never read?i
A: Two words: Anthro. Clop. i dont know why, but those two tags on the same read just... uch (no offence)

Q: why am i doing this when nobody wants to know me because i cant write a full story and only little bits of it?
A: I have no fucking clue. your reading it though, so i like you
unless your a stalker. thats how you get on my bad side

Q: Are you gay? (By Requiem17)
Nope. Straight as a ruler (New ruler)

Q: how many more questions are there?
A: thats for you to decide. PM me a question and ill reply there and put it here


Fireteam Shadow · 2:03am Feb 17th, 2015

I've finally completed Fireteam Shadow's portraits! ITS DONE! FINISHED!! HOW MANY POINTS DO I RECIEVE?!?!? (Epic Lulu reference there :derpytongue2:)

A sample for those who dont follow;

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1452260 oh god, why have I not known of this!? The orphans!

(Wub you xeno, now, to fulfill my evil plans of spamming your userpage MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

FOUND YOU!!!:yay:

1452256 oh my gosh! I can read someone else's mind! :pinkiegasp:

1451890 thanks man, much appreciated :twilightsmile:

internal monologue
OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH! :pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss:
someone actually enjoys and likes my artwork! best. Day. EVER! :pinkiehappy:

Nice pics :pinkiesmile: I like your artworks

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