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This story is a sequel to That Which Makes up a Rainbow

What are we? Are we just memories or is who we are something more? When everything is gone who are we in the end?

For one mare, that is a question with only one answer. She has a life with no past, but also with no scars. Follow her through the pain of building anew, when everyone around her clings to the past and to hope. What can be wrought from the turmoil of loss and birth? Could it be... a soul?

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This already looks good.

Dammit I love you for this:moustache:

3731083 hooray!:pinkiehappy: I'm glad you like it and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story:twilightsmile:

Slower then the last one? You give me THIS with the promise of Twidash and you have the nerve to tell me it's gonna update slower!? :flutterrage:

Nah, I jest.

Seriously though, faved. You keep the quality of the last story and this will be nothing short of amazing.

I am curious, though; how long do you think this is going to e Around the same length as the previous one? longer? shorter?

Either way, best of luck with the writing, and I shall await, patiently, for the next chapter.

3731116 This one will, i intend, be longer. The sadness of this verity needs time to fester:fluttercry:

*announcers voice*
Tune it next time to find out what happens to Dash when she can't remember how to fart silently, why she has athletes hoof, and where she got the bizarre craving for stork ankles. Find out this and more on the next episode of My Little Amnesiatic Dashie!
*cue theme song*

Apologies. I am in a somewhat peculiar mood at the moment.

I do like the slower pace. It makes sense and seems to fit the setting. Dash is still a bit stubborn from her old self.

Wow, beginning strong I see :twilightsmile:

So did you borrow my musings, or did you have that description in mind beforehand?

Promise of TwiDash? Like. Sequel to a story that broke my heart? Fave. I hope I'm not the only one who remembers the memory spell from season 2. (My assumption as to how it will be fixed, if it will at all)

3732270 ah, i knew it was only a matter of time before someone brought that up. Yes, indeed i remembered it and it's actually an interesting plot device soon enough, i have an interesting idea for it

3732270 though i can also say, i doubt this story will be kinder to your heart as the last one if not more sad

3732031 :twilightblush: actually, i was having trouble thinking of a synopsis but after i read your comment i was totally inspired. i hope that's okay. it was really poetic and deep and stuff

3732398 so... I take it Dashie won't remember who she is? I already know the answer, "You'll have to wait and see."

3732471 yes, and unfortunately, due to my current circumstances, it may be a while till my next update if i don't do one tonight. if not then i could be a week or more:fluttershysad:

3732403 No problem at all. I mean, most of what I said was adapted from questions raised in all the sci-fi I read. The only problem is that now you have to live up to that intro.

very good story i love it so mutch :heart:

That. was. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

I'm back, as promised, and I appear to be up one follower! Thanks... I guess? Though I have to ask; have you actually read anything of mine or was it simply because I followed you and because of my comments?

Anyway, great to see them finally making some positive headway. It's gonna be really hard for Twi to look at Rainbow Dash every day and be without Rainbow Dash for what is presumably the rest of her life, since so far there is absolutely no signs of her ever regaining her memory. Or maybe when she's built up enough of herself and when she's strong enough she might start to remember, but her second life will be strong enough to take it without killing her soul and feelings and I'm gonna stop now before I speculate myself into a hole

Great chapter.

So... Sunrise it is?

3737342 well fuck i've been found out, lol :rainbowlaugh:

what will be rainbow dash's new name?I can't wait!

I hope it's Prism Flash, that's almost the same. Right?

a life with no scars is NOT a life. for it is those scars taht shape our soul.

I approve of this story so far- keep it up!

Oh please remember who you are Dashie! Pleeeeeease!!! :fluttercry:

Oh my gosh. This story is soooo AWESOME!

Ah yes, the sequel. I'm not sure if this one will cause me more heartache, what with Dashie having to start a new. I hope this is updated soon, because I would really love to see how this ends. Especially, what will be Rainbow's new name? :twilightsmile:

3737347 Actually, I kinda like it, especially how it contrasts with Twilight's. Gonna have to remane (typo turned "see what I did there") the shipping. TwiRise?

Also: I'm leaving for Army boot camp on Sunday morning, so if you could get a new chapter up before then, I'd consider it a personal favor. If not, then I'll just spend 14 weeks crawling through mud waiting to get back to this.

i want so hard the rainbow recover memory

but when i think about it im not sure if is the best for rainbow :applecry:

Sweet Celestia I love your stories. The prequel to this caused me so much heartache, and yet such a good story it made me smile. Your details, they're just... yes... Can't wait to read more of this one!

............ "Sorry miss but in a world where we can survie being turned to stone, and mares can be mutated into into bat ponies and back without life threatening side effects, we cannot repair heart let alone your brain..........."

I have finally found the perfect song for this fic! "Zero" by Aviators.

Sorry, was listening to that today and I realized it'd be perfect so I had to mention it.

Anyway, looking good so far, keep it up.

3756490 well, we see in the show that healing magic is limited because if it were not dash would not have been in the hospital for 3 days in "read it and weep", so i'm working off that logic, as well as the unusual sercomstances of her condition

3756851 well that was some wing bones. not a vital organ.

Yay for trolls who can't respect a fic for its own story and not consider an alternative universe where the magic can be limited depending on what the writer wants it's limitations to be.
Anyway, I'm enjoying it quite well and honestly in despair for RD ;_;

3758241 im glad you're enjoying my story and hope you stick around, i hope to have the next chapter up in a couple of days, anyway enjoy.... darn, i cant add a smiling twilight on my phone....

My shriveled, deformed, icy heart- It's melting.

This coupon presented to Maxxxxxx redeemable for one personal favor following TheNerd’s return from U.S. Army basic combat training.

3759363 thanks and good luck, i got this chapter out quickly especially for you. Thank you for serving in the best army in the world and good luck. ( my mom is a vetran from the army/ im an army brat) i'll try to get another out before you go

3759299 just wait till the next three chapter... they should be especially heart breaking... all i can say is... poor scoots

Prior Marine Corps...and not Scoots! I'm gonna cry ;_;

I really like the story so far!
The first one was very intense and well written. Can't wait to see where this is going...
I think you're using 'she' a little too much. It sometimes gets difficult to follow who's saying what. If you could keep that in mind it would be great! :pinkiesmile:

3760672 I think that's because Sunrise didn't have a name to call herself, but now that she does, we will probably see a reduction in usage.

3760564 Wow, I'm impressed; a marine who can read!

(I'm kidding! Don't hurt me!:fluttercry:)

3759395 I suppose I might have to stalk this story for a bit then. *dunks her half thawed heart in bucket of liquid nitrogen*

Ugh, I'm like Pinkie Pie at the mailbox.

Is it here yet? Aww...

Is it here yet? Aww...

Is it here yet? Aww...

Excellent as usual :rainbowkiss:

I feel the story is really starting to move along a bit more. The ending really helped brighten the mood up. Amazing job, and I can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy:

You, my friend, are awesome. This will be the last you hear of me for a long time, but rest assured that you have my attention, and... you know what, I'll just let the Terminator say it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go enjoy fourteen weeks of this. (But not with marines)

No, wait, here's a better one:

And in conclusion:

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