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Finally, all done with all the school stuffs, tons of time. But still I have been unable to write after finishing my last story. Why? Well, not a time shortage for sure. Purely because of boredom. I've wanted to start writing again, but found myself unable to. Why? I do not know. I've had four ideas laying around, just waiting to be written, but I could not get started. And sometimes, when you expect it the least, a sudden bright moment. A fresh idea, and time to start on it at the same moment.

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435472 Ooh, whoops, my bad. Srry, I'm kinda new around here. I removed the password. I thought the story wouldn't be visible until it was approved.

Thanks for the welcome and notifying me.

Welcome to fimfiction!

I noticed that you added your story to the TwiDash group before it was published.

I don't think that's against the rules (at least I hope not, since I do it), but since you have a password set on the fic, nobody can read it. You need to go to 'edit story' and delete the "Unpublished View Password" if you want people to be able to read it.

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