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Welcome to the TwiDash Group, for all of your Twilight and Rainbow Dash shippy goodness.

Stories are divided into seven categories:

Romance โ€“ Any shipping fan's bread and butter, featuring stories about Twilight and Rainbow Dash being together. Stories are rated teen or lower.
Friendshipping/Implied โ€“ Stories focused on a relationship between Twilight and Rainbow Dash, but less overtly romantic. Heavy friendships and/or implied by not explicit romance.
Stories with, but not focused on, TwiDash โ€“ Stories that do have a romance between Twilight and Rainbow Dash, but the story itself is focused on something else, whether that's another romantic couple, an adventure story, or something else entirely.
TwiDash Collections โ€“ Story anthologies that have one-shots/vignettes/chapters/etc. that feature TwiDash, but TwiDash isn't the main focus of the anthology.
NSFW โ€“ Stories from other categories that wouldn't quite be safe to open up where your grandma could see. YGMV (your grandma may vary).
Polyamory โ€“ Stories that contain a romance between Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and one or more ponies.
Rule 63 โ€“ Stories with genderbending. Twilight, Rainbow Dash, or both appear as stallions in the story, either as a result of an Alternate Universe scenario or through magical means.
Awaiting Updates โ€“ Stories that most likely contain the potential for TwiDash; however, more updates are required before the degree of TwiDash can be determined.

To see your story in the group, simply add it to the Incoming folder and someone in our fabulous administrative team (probably Timaeus) will make sure it's added to the appropriate place.

Current Admins: bats, Formerly Committed, Timaeus
Current Contributors: CalmNQuiet, Cryosite, Lostzilla, Vertorm

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1,000 Stories! T W I D A S H F O R E V E R !

Come on, one more story and it reaches the 1k mark!

Twidash forever on!!!:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

Um, can I use lyrics from a random song in my story? I don't really understand the rule about lyrics.(I think I'll change a little the song for the sake of the story)

Does anypony know a TwiDash and RariJack fanfic?

ALL HAIL TWIDASH๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜:twilightsheepish::heart::rainbowkiss:

Let's Go TwiDash!!!

I have a new story if you want to put in your group my story is called Twidash Honeymoon

TwiDash is the best ship!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everypony!

Well, the only one I can think of off the top of my mind is The Looking Glass, but I recommend to make sure youโ€™re... Okay with either reading or skipping the.... โ€˜Scenesโ€™ tattered here and there...

Can anyone help me in finding any good human TwiDash stories? (that arent one-shots) I would really appreciate the help :twilightsheepish:

The sheer fact that I'm the first to post on this community in several years is truly depressing. But I do agree with about every statement made on this page lmao :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

349312 If you haven't seen this at least 17 times then you're not in the right group...

Although there is no specific fanfic that spawned my love for this ship (like "Swayback Mountain" did for Rarijack), I still like it mainly for the contrast of the introverted bookworm and the extroverted athlete.:heart:


AppleDash? Don't remember joining this group, but okay, leaving now. Bye, you all.

Nah, just kidding. Even if this was AppleDash, I wouldn't leave. I'm a member of AppleDash group too. I ship all RD ship, I just have preferences for Twidash.

  • Viewing 271 - 290 of 290