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How do you get permission to submit a story to the ‘submissions’ folder?

In my fanfic its purely mentioned as feelings, for now, can't say much else that's spoilery but I can say I will go deeper in future chapters

I agree that there should be more TwiShy stories, and not ones with Glimmer or Shimmer threesomes which there are enough of (not against poly, there's just a lot of those stories out there). I would like to see more multi-chapter drama and romance stories for these two. I really can't ship Fluttershy with anyone else but Twilight, there is just something about their chemistry and personality that builds on each other, supports and loves and can have fun together. I am not sure why this doesn't seem to be a very popular pairing. Folks usually throw 'Shy off with Big Mac, Discord (yuck!), or some other side character like Sunset Shimmer. Discord I guess because she agrees to have tea with him and help him reform, but I don't see the connection in a romantic way. Anyway, just joined recently and have read some good stories, thank you very much.


I agree. TwiShy is one of the cutest ships out there. You can make them cute, you can make them turn into something serious (romantic) and you can make them raunchy. Regardless though, Twilight is the best one for Fluttershy.

We need more Twishy fanfics. :yay::heart::twilightsheepish:

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Appledash? Twiderp? Pinkie Shy?

In my mind, gotta be one of the ships that is really close to canon.

356419 I wonder what's your favourite shipping is :rainbowwild:.

How did I not join before?

Just a suggestion, there should probably be a comedy folder. I know there are at least two TwiShy comedies out there (since I wrote both of them). I'm sure there a few other authors who've also written such stories.

Yay, finally!!! i got mi fimfiction account and was able to join to this group, fos my favorite and best pairing in all the fandom!!!!!

Ive found a group for the 2nd best my little pony friendship is magic ship :twilightsmile::heart::fluttershysad:

Hey Everyone, Just a heads up, ill be posting my first story in a few days. just got to finish up writing it. :twilightsmile::heart::yay:

Yeah! Second best ship

Took me a few weeks, but I've finished writing the prologue. Time to go get it edited.

339657 mm yeah i agree.
Hurry up guys we needs the TwiShy and stuff.

The group's gone quiet, and I haven't seen a new TwiShy story in a bit... looks like I need to speed up the writing process of Impact.

336852 woo we're back at 300 baby

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