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Adorable,Cute and Divine~ <3

Appledash? Twiderp? Pinkie Shy?

In my mind, gotta be one of the ships that is really close to canon.

this is my fav ship so here I am

356419 I wonder what's your favourite shipping is :rainbowwild:.

How did I not join before?

Just a suggestion, there should probably be a comedy folder. I know there are at least two TwiShy comedies out there (since I wrote both of them). I'm sure there a few other authors who've also written such stories.

Yay, finally!!! i got mi fimfiction account and was able to join to this group, fos my favorite and best pairing in all the fandom!!!!!

Ive found a group for the 2nd best my little pony friendship is magic ship :twilightsmile::heart::fluttershysad:

Hey Everyone, Just a heads up, ill be posting my first story in a few days. just got to finish up writing it. :twilightsmile::heart::yay:

Yeah! Second best ship

Took me a few weeks, but I've finished writing the prologue. Time to go get it edited.

339657 mm yeah i agree.
Hurry up guys we needs the TwiShy and stuff.

The group's gone quiet, and I haven't seen a new TwiShy story in a bit... looks like I need to speed up the writing process of Impact.

336852 woo we're back at 300 baby

Yeah, just a little bit.

336786 Gimme a sec to create another account.
Oh um i had better not do that
It's a bit unfair

As much as I like being a Contributor now, the only disadvantage is that our member count went down one with my promotion. Now we're two people away from 300!

  • Viewing 43 - 62 of 62
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