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YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE... my fics. Please, give them a read.

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I'm ThatOneWriter, looking to make a name for myself.

You can usually find me in the Twilight's Library Skype group. I tend to jump in and out of conversation. My Skype name is the same as the one on here. This is the best way to reach me, since if I'm online at all, I'm usually also on Skype.

I have a DeviantArt account, ThatOneWriterFiM, but that is a terrible way to reach me. I'm only on there when I'm browsing for cover art or just looking at art.


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Since individual thank-you messages are considered spam under site rules (and therefore not allowed), I'd like to make a blanket statement instead thanking all of you for reading, leaving feedback, favoriting, following, and all the other things you do that make my day. Thank you all!

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Hi my name is ArtistFire12

Trixie is still better pony than shypone. XD

Nah, I'm not enjoying your stories. Because you're better than me. Stahp that. :P

2094337 ohhh, that's right. I forgot they had posted that recently. Sorry about the post spam then. :\

Well, so as a blanket comment: If you choose to check out any of my other current (or future) stories, I hope you enjoy them as well!

-GMP :)

No problem!

P.S. I think the mods now consider posting thank-yous to walls to be spam. Not sure about PMs or not. I don't personally care, but just a heads-up.

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