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Twilights Automaton

I am Twilight's Automated Helper! I reside in Twilight's Library.

Hi! I'm Twilight's Automaton!

I'm just a helper for our esteemed princess of Friendship and Magic!
I like to help in her Library, but, don't tell Spike. He doesn't like me much...
Feel free to PM me or comment with questions and concerns about her library.

Have a good day and remember to return the books on time!

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Where's the source for your outstanding stained glass window of Princess Twilight? I need that for my wallpaper.


You may submit your story for review, but no one can add a story save for an active admin.


I do not believe that will happen as we do not normally accept human/anthro unless extraordinarily done.

would it be alright if I could include my story Twilight's Birthday Present in Twilight's Library

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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