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Okay... update · 10:16pm May 21st

Yea... things have been, less than ideal.

Quite a few bad things have happened IRL over the course of the past months.
Only a couple of months ago did I get back to writing the latest chapter for
Observation after dealing with said issues.

Last month, my old PC died but I managed to save things from it. Turns out
not everything was saved- I've lost the WIP of the latest chapter and the
original files for majority of chaters/stories I have here.

I'm currently trying to get my old rig working for long enough to get my files
off it, but so far after ~5hrs it has not happened. So I may need to do a rewrite
of the latest chapter.

Moral of the story, ensure your files are backed up externally and if you have
a dying rig- ensure you get EVERYTHING off it /)_-

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2415078 why you do this! :raritycry:

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