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Okay... update · 10:16pm May 21st, 2017

Yea... things have been, less than ideal.

Quite a few bad things have happened IRL over the course of the past months.
Only a couple of months ago did I get back to writing the latest chapter for
Observation after dealing with said issues.

Last month, my old PC died but I managed to save things from it. Turns out
not everything was saved- I've lost the WIP of the latest chapter and the
original files for majority of chaters/stories I have here.

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Thanks for reading I, Monster. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the fave on "Human After All!" :pinkiesmile:

Here is a depiction of Celestia Sol Invictus, and beside her the so called Usurper Sunset Shimmer, known as the Reformer when she was alive. Also known as Sunset the Last.

And this tapestry is from the time of Cadance the Cruel, also known as the Bully Queen. Tales say she fell in love with the commoner Shining Armor, a colt who betrayed her for her best friend Sunset within a single night. The tales say the uncrowned alicorn Sunset Shimmer seized the throne from the god horse Celestia who disappeared, and the very next day stole the queen-to-be’s colt, seducing him and killing him that same night.

That stallion had consummated his relationship with the young princess Cadance that same day. Pregnant, the two mares fought till the birth of twin alicorns daughters and sons. Instead of uniting they fought for decades until the return of Nightmare moon, and her alliance with the changling queen Chrysalis. This led to the defeat of the final pony armies and the destruction of Equestria by Sunset and her former friend Cadance in he final climatic battle.

Ever since then the Crater of Shimmerland and the Crystal Rubble where the empire once stood have waged a constant low level war with one another from opposite shores of the Canterlot sea, which still boils with the aftermath of that titanic conflict.

Thank you for the watch!

  • Viewing 62 - 66 of 66
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