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I'm just curious to see if there are any welsh bronies here apart from me and neojames.

Anyway, if you are welsh feel free to drop in, join and post whatever you want to be it in English or Welsh

p.s if your not welsh you can still join who knows? you may pick something up.

And just so you know you can post any story you want here (in English or Welsh)...and if you must lets get the sheep jokes out of the way by saying that whatever we do to them....it's you who end up eating them

Diolch yn fawr iawn am cymryd amser mas o eich bywyd i darllen hon.

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Where in south Wales you from?

I feel like this should probably be more active! XD

People complaining that Wales is brony due to lack of bronies, yet the Welsh pages or any communication between Welsh bronies is usually defused!

Anyway if anyone is ever active here, hello from the southern part of Wales! :P

Yes I am Welsh and am biggest fan of Rainbow Dash not gonna argue with other Rainbow Dash fans though I feel like it and boy Wales is lonely without many of us Bronies...

Not Welsh, but interested in Wales! Even using (probably pretty broken) Welsh in my story.

Noswaith dda i chi gyd o Gaerdydd!

Good evening.

(Noswaith dda.)

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